What is Touhou anime?

What is Touhou anime?

Overview. MAIKAZE’s Touhou Anime Project is a Doujin (fan-made) production of ZUN’s Touhou Curtain Fire/Bullet Hell game series. Touhou is a Doujin game developed by Shanghai Alice which is composed of one person (ZUN himself).

Is Touhou a shmup?

The Touhou Series, which is also known as Toho Project, or Project Shrine Maiden, or Touhou Project is a series of Bullet Hell Scrolling Shooters made by Team Shanghai Alice which is made by Japanese game maker ZUN, (meaning: graphics, music, and programming).

Why is touhou so popular?

Touhou isn’t very popular outside of Japan but the main reason why it is so popular is because of the amount of creative freedom the creator ZUN gives to fans of the franchise. , This series is an original Doujinshi franchise.

Is gensokyo real?

Gensokyo exists roughly parallel to the real world. As the inhabitants of Gensokyo, however, have developed their spiritual lives instead of following the trend of technological advancements in the real world, Gensokyo itself can appear to be a Japan from hundreds of years ago.

Who made the song Bad Apple?

Masayoshi MinoshimaBad Apple!! / Artist

How old is Reimu?

According to the Touhou wiki, Reimu is in her mid-teens, which I will call anywhere in the 14-16 range. According to the Gensokyo timeline, there were 6 years between the events of EoSD and Hisoutensoku, which implies that she was around 8-10 years old during EoSD.

Are the Touhou games connected?

The main Touhou games are released in chronological order. This is rather irrelevant because the stories typically are not closely related anyway. However, newer games do involve characters from older games.

Is Touhou popular in Japan?

Touhou’s popularity in Japan may as well equal the popularity of games like Call of Duty in the West. And with how interconnected the world is today, Touhou may be making waves in the US sooner or later.

How old is patchouli?


パチュリー・ノーレッジ Patchouli Knowledge pat͡ɕɯ̹ɾiː nɔ̹ːɾe̞d̚d͡ʑi (♫)
Species Magician (Witch)
Abilities Manipulation of fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon
Age About 100 years
Occupation Intellectual, librarian, teacher, and scholar.

Who lives at the hakurei shrine?

Reimu Hakurei, the resident shrine maiden, is the only character currently living inside the shrine. The Hakurei God, which is enshrined within the Yin-Yang Orbs. The Three Fairies of Light have taken up residence behind the shrine premises as of Oriental Sacred Place.

Why is Bad Apple so famous?

The song “Bad Apple” was originally the stage 3 theme from Touhou 5 Lotus Land Story. The popular version by Alstroemeria Records is a lyrical remix of that. Because Elly was the boss for stage 3, she makes an appearance towards the end of the video despite being a minor character.

What is the meaning of cherry blossom?

cherry blossom. noun. : a moderate red that is bluer and paler than cerise, claret (see claret sense 3a), Turkey red, or average strawberry (see strawberry sense 2a) and deeper than carnation red.

What does it mean to see a cherry tree in Dream?

To see cherry tree in dream indicates that you will meet with such a nice person that you will be very happy to know. You will have a relationship and may marry with that person. The dream meaning of cherry tree also suggests that you will meet with people who are well-known and notable.

What does it mean to dream about over-ripen Cherry?

Dreams of over-ripen cherry in the dream can suggest false promises that lead to the fragility of relationships. Your loved one may be making false promises that you may see as sweet at the time.

What does it mean to dream of a cherry pie?

However, if you are placing a cherry on top of yourself, it indicates that you will soon receive a bonus or commission based on your good work. Eating a cherry pie in the dream points to some form of virginity loss or loss of sexual purity. As a result, prohibited love and sexual intimacy might tempt you in the near future.

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