What is the volume of a 40ft shipping container?

What is the volume of a 40ft shipping container?

2,350 cubic ft.
40′ Shipping Container Dimensions

Volume of 40 ft. Containers
Type of Container Volume Volume (Metric)
Volume of 40 ft. Containers
Standard 40′ Shipping Container Volume 2,350 cubic ft. Volume (Metric) 33 cubic meters
High Cube 40′ Shipping Container Volume 2,694 cubic ft. Volume (Metric) 76.3 cubic meters

How much can you load in a 40-foot container?

40′ dry container

Tare weight Payload capacity Internal length
3,750 27,600 kg 12.03 m
8,268.8 lbs 61,200 lbs 39.5 ft

How many CBM fit in a 40 container?

67 cubic metres
What is the size of a 40 ft container?

Dimensions 2.38m x 2.35m x 12m
Total Volume 67 cubic metres (cbm)
Estimated Loading Volume 54-58cbm of cartons
Pallets in a 40ft container 18 pallets (or 36 if <110cm high and double stacked)

What is the volume of a shipping container?

The most common twenty-foot container occupies a space 20 feet (6.1 m) long, 8 feet (2.44 m) wide, and 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) high, with an allowance externally for the corner castings; the internal volume is 1,172 cubic feet (33.2 m3).

How many pallets fit in a 40ft reefer container?

A 40ft container can carry between 23 and 24 Europallets in one tier. When it comes to the standard pallets, this container type can carry 20-21 standard pallets in one tier.

How many sq ft is a 40 ft shipping container?

300 square feet
The 40-foot shipping container has a greater amount of floor space for a more comfortable living area. The square footage within the interior of the container is 300 square feet with a length of 30’5”, a width of 7’8”, and a height of 7’9”.

How many pounds can a 40-foot container hold?

For highway transport in the US, the maximum cargo weight that can be safely and legally loaded, when a triaxle chassis is used, is: In a 20” container – 44,000 lbs (19,958kg) In a 40” container – 44,500 lbs (20,185kg)

How big is a 40ft container in meters?

Container Dimensions

Container Outside Length Door Width
8ft Container 2.44m 2.10m
10ft Container 2.99m 2.34m
20ft Container 6.06m 2.34m
40ft Container 12.2m 2.34m

How big is a 40-foot container?

Dimensions of the 40-foot container Exterior Dimensions (in feet): 40′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ 6” high. Exterior Dimensions (in meters): 12.19m long x 2.44m wide x 2.59m high. Interior Dimensions (in feet): 39′ 6” long x 7′ 9” wide x 7′ 10” high. Internal Dimensions (in meters): 12.025m long x 2.352m wide x 2.393m high.

How many pallets can be in a refrigerated container?

As it is shown on the above figure it is possible to fit 9 pcs of industrial pallets and 10 pcs of euro pallets in to a 20′ reefer container.

How many pallets can fit in a reefer container?

As it is shown on the above figure it is possible to fit 20 pcs of industrial pallets and 23 pcs of euro pallets in to a 40′ reefer high-cube container.

What is the volume of a 40 foot container?

The usable capacity of the 40-foot container is 67.7m3. It has 285 sq ft (26.47m2) of floor space and 2,120 cubic ft (60m3) of volume. DIMENSIONS OF THE 40-FOOT CONTAINER The dimensions of a 40-foot container are:

How many people can fit in a 40 foot shipping container?

Industry standards suggest that a two-three bedroom apartment or 2 standard passenger vehicles can typically t in a 40’ shipping container. But to give you the precise dimensions of a 40 foot container, check out the tables below:

What is the maximum weight of a 40 foot ISO container?

Empty weight, maximum weight, maximum additional load of 40 feet ISO Containers & 40 feet HC. The weight of a 40ft. ISO container is 3.740kg and can be transported with a total weight of 30.480kg.

What is the weight of a 40 high cube container?

High Cube: The total weight of 30,480kg may not be exceeded, as well. This means that 26,330kg can be loaded into a 40ft. high cube container with a tare weight of 4,150kg, which is slightly less than in a standard 40ft. ISO Container. 40ft. High Cube Container: The container’s volume is 67,7m3; with an area of 28,37m2.

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