What is the RAM of Asus Eee PC?

What is the RAM of Asus Eee PC?

Memory. Most early Eee PCs use 533/667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM via a standard SO-DIMM module, which can be swapped out. The 700 and 701SDX have RAM soldered to the motherboard.

What is EEE in computer?

Computing. Asus Eee, a family of computer products. Energy-Efficient Ethernet, a standard by the IEEE 802.3az group.

What is Eee Storage?

According to a report, the computer-maker has launched a service called Eee Storage, which provides 20GB of online storage for Eee PC users, as well as access to downloads of around 3,000 pieces of free software and games.

Is ASUS Eee PC 32 or 64 bit?

Although the D525 is a 64-bit-capable CPU, Asus ships the 1215N with a 32-bit version of Windows–Windows Home 7 Premium, which is a step up from most netbooks.

Is ASUS Eee PC 64 bit?

They’re Asus X101H EEE PC’s, sporting an Intel Atom N570 1.66 Ghz CPU (which is 64-bit capable), and 1 Gb of RAM.

Is EEE engineering tough?

Answer. No .. it is not hard it is up to you if you are interested in electrical and electronic engineering it will easy for you and if you are not that it will difficult .

Which is better EEE or ECE?

Electronics and communication (ECE) is more software oriented while EEE is a core subject dealing with machines. ECE has more job scope in private sector while EEE has more scope in government sector. So to put it simply, if you are interested in coding, the ECE is better for you.

Does ASUS Eee PC have WIFI?

The ASUS Eee PC is prone to the same limitations with Wi-Fi as any other computer. If you have another Wi-Fi device in the house, like a smartphone or computer, test it to determine whether the Wi-Fi is the problem or your Eee PC.

Is EEE good for future?

An EEE graduate can earn good salary right from the start of the career. There are plenty of job opportunities both in the government and private sectors. KIT, one of the best engineering colleges in Tamilnadu offers the students with huge scope for a wonderful career in EEE.

Is EEE valuable?

Ofcourse EEE is a very valuable course and in fact it is always considered as one of the EVERGREEN courses every in Engineering. There was, is, and would always be scope for this branch of Engineering so be rest assured that you are pursuing one of the top and best streams.

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