What is the plot of Chapter 9 in Lyddie?

What is the plot of Chapter 9 in Lyddie?

In chapter 9, Lyddie goes to work for Mr. Marsden in the weaving room. He assigns Diana Goss, who has been at the factory for some time, to watch over her and teach her what she needs to know. Lyddie sees only Diana’s kindness, however, and continues to be her friend.

How do you write an introduction paragraph for a book?


  1. Introduce the text you’re writing about in the beginning of your essay by mentioning the author’s full name and the complete title of the work. Titles of books should be underlined or put in italics .
  2. In subsequent references to the author, use his or her last name.

How does Lyddie respond to her injury?

Lyddie reacts to her injury in the way she reacts to most things: by thinking about money first. When Lyddie gets hit in the head with the shuttle, she falls to the floor, and Diana rushes to her side. Lyddie says, “The bell ain’t rung yet.” Earlier in this chapter Lyddie has heard Mr.

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 4?

Chapter 4 begins by telling the reader more about how grueling a time that Lyddie is having while working in the tavern. Mrs. Cutler is a cruel task master and Lyddie is afraid of her and disappointing her as well. Soon into the chapter, Triphena tells Lyddie a story about two frogs that fell into a pail of milk.

How has Lyddie changed throughout the novel?

One of the ways that Lyddie changes is in her attitude towards education. Over the course of the story, she comes to understand the value of formal learning, improving her reading skills by tackling more challenging books and setting herself the goal of attending Oberlin College.

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 1?

Lyddie gets her siblings and her mom up into the loft for safety. The hungry bear comes in and tries some of the oatmeal, but it is too hot, and the bear leaves after trashing the house. We also learn a lot about the family dynamics in this chapter. Lyddie seems to be a clear leader.

What does Lyddie do to the letter?

Lyddie’s reaction to the letter (which is the source of your question) is that she works ever-harder to help her hurting family. As one of the Lowell Factory Girls, she seems to lose almost all sense of self, not even complaining as the machines are sped up so she has to work harder.

How was Lyddie paid?

Lyddie gets paid per piece once a week, but most of her pay goes to her board until she is discharged and paid full wages. Lyddie works at the mill after she loses her job at the tavern. At the tavern, she never actually gets paid her wages personally. They are supposedly sent to her mother directly.

Why is Mrs bedlow surprised?

In Paterson’s Lyddie, Mrs. Bedlow is surprised that Lyddie was fired because she knows Lyddie to be a hard-working and honest young girl.

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