What is the most popular mashup song?

What is the most popular mashup song?

Best Top 10 Mashups, Ever

  • Girl Talk – Triple Double.
  • DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2009 – Top 25 Billboard Hits.
  • Madeon – Pop Culture (Live Mashup)
  • Anatomy of a Megamix (187 songs in 1 hour)
  • Sir Mashalot: Country Music Mashup.
  • The Beatles vs Jay-Z [The Grey Album]
  • Pop Danthology 2013 – Mashup of 68 songs.

What are good mashup songs?

List of mashup songs

Title First song(s)
“All You Need Is Love / She Loves You” “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles)
“Americano / Dance Again” “Americano” (Lady Gaga)
“Anything Goes / Anything You Can Do” “Anything Goes” (Anything Goes)
“Any Way You Want It / Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” “Any Way You Want It” (Journey)

How do I find the mashup of songs?

Choosing songs with compatible sounds makes the entire process much quicker and easier. If you want to combine two songs with different keys, just transpose whichever one you like to better match the other song. Glee is known for its flawless mashups. A good place to look for inspiration is the show’s soundtrack.

What songs mix well together?

There are different factors in which help certain songs mix well together….Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks.

# Artist Title
1 Logistics Together
2 Netsky Iron Heart (Nu:Logic Remix)
3 Random Movement Future Fondler
4 Artificial Intelligence Desperado

Who started mashups?

Nilsson conceived the combining of many overlaying songs into one track after he played a chord on his guitar and realized how many Beatles songs it could apply to. This recording has led some to describe Harry Nilsson as the inventor of the mashup.

What happened mashups?

In the late aughts, electronic music had yet to permeate the dominant pop music sound, but mashups were in abundance. By the early 2010s, so long ago now it might as well be a century, licensing-related lawsuits and the rise of electronic dance music in pop saw the end of mashups.

Are mashups illegal?

There are currently no court opinions offering any guidelines on mashups, and there are no distinct legal guidelines for determining whether or not a non-parodic work is protected under fair use. Until there is, if you’re a mashup artist, you need to be aware that your works could come into question at any time.

What is the easiest genre to mix?

House, trance and techno are for sure the easiest to mix when you start out as they do lend themselves to it. Great to help train your ear in basic rhythm. However you will find in time that breaks, DnB and Dubstep will become just as easy.

How do you mix popular songs?

  1. Use pitch correction on vocals.
  2. Use a reference track when mixing pop music.
  3. Mix the vocal before other instruments.
  4. Make your choruses pop.
  5. Incorporate “larger-than-life” pop energy into your mix.
  6. Check your pop mix with mono compatibility.
  7. Sound check your pop mix on as many systems as possible.
  8. Start mixing pop music.

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