What is the most famous line in Jane Eyre?

What is the most famous line in Jane Eyre?

“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.” “Reader, I married him.” It’s the most famous line from Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë’s classic 1847 novel about the tumultuous romance between Jane, a young governess, and her mysterious employer, Edward Rochester.

What was the last quote of Jane Eyre?

All my confidence is bestowed on him, all his confidence is devoted to me; we are precisely suited in character—perfect concord is the result. This, one of the final passages of Jane Eyre, summarizes the novel’s “happy ending.” Its implications have generated much debate over the way Brontë chose to conclude her book.

What is the most accurate Jane Eyre movie?

5 Jane Eyre 1983, Starring Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton (Available to buy on Apple TV) Of all the adaptations on this list, the 1983 version is by far the most faithful to the source material.

Where was Jane Eyre filmed 2011?

Filming locations included London and various locations in Derbyshire and the Derbyshire Dales, including Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, the village of Froggatt and the Fox House pub in Sheffield, as well as Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire and Wrothan Park in Hertfordshire.

What was Jane Eyre famous for?

Jane Eyre is a Bildungsroman which follows the experiences of its eponymous heroine, including her growth to adulthood and her love for Mr. Rochester, the brooding master of Thornfield Hall….Jane Eyre.

Title page of the first Jane Eyre edition
Author Charlotte Brontë
Text Jane Eyre at Wikisource

Which of these famous statements does Jane Eyre declare to the reader about Rochester?

Mr. Rochester, you must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me – for you will not get it, any more than I shall get it of you: which I do not at all anticipate.”

What famous statement does Jane Eyre declare to the reader about Rochester?

Jane passionately declares that she wants nothing more than to spend her life with Mr. Rochester. In this declaration, Jane shows her genuine character as someone who treasures loving and being loved. She knows that having this kind of love and happiness is everything she has ever wanted.

WHO says the last words in Jane Eyre?

The final words of the novel are his: “Amen; even so, come, Lord Jesus!” The novel has a typically — for a Victorian story — happy ending. All of the characters who were good to Jane are rewarded.

Is Jane Eyre based on a true story?

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (1847), one of the best-loved novels in the English language, may have been inspired by a real person. A Jane Eyre lived in Yorkshire, a few miles from the Brontes’ home, and was known among Charlotte Bronte’s circle, new research by a retired teacher has established.

Is Jane Eyre a true story?

What is Rochester’s secret in Jane Eyre?

After a moment of inarticulate fury, Rochester admits that his wife is alive and that in marrying Jane he would have been knowingly taking a second wife. No one in the community knows of his wife because she is mad, and Rochester keeps her locked away under the care of Grace Poole.

While Jane Eyre is a novel and not a true story, some parts of the novel were inspired by Brontë’s own life. At the beginning of the novel, Jane transitions from living with her cruel relatives to Lowood school, where conditions are arguably even more unpleasant than they had been…

Is Jane Eyre a good read?

Yes, I think that Jane Eyre novel by Charlotte Bronte is worth reading. The story about Jane’s moral and spiritual development made it a classical piece of literature. A reader won’t want to put this book down, because there are so many unexpected events in the plot.

Why is Jane Eyre considered a classic?

Jane Eyre is considered a classic because it goes against the social norms of the time period. Jane Eyre is headstrong and very independent. She isn’t willing to bend to the will of her caretaker, her headmaster, or the man that she loves, which wasn’t expected. Women were supposed to be submissive and get married as soon as someone asks them.

Why is Jane Eyre considered Gothic?

Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë, is considered by many to be a “gothic” novel. The use of “supernatural” incidents, architecture, and a desolate setting helped to decide this classification for Jane Eyre. Many cases exhibited the use of “supernatural” occurrences.

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