What is the meaning of star turn?

What is the meaning of star turn?

Definition of star turn 1a : a performance, role, or appearance (as in a movie or television show) that is done by a star or well-known personality …

What is a good turnout?

We think of “perfect” turnout as 180-degree outward rotation of the legs and feet, but that much flexibility is only valuable if it’s functional—meaning you can keep your legs rotated while moving.

What is an august person?

(ɔgʌst ) adjective [usu ADJ n] Someone or something that is august is dignified and impressive.

Why is it called august body?

“August” means dignified, serious and “body” (or “body of people”) means “group of people”. Calling an organized group or club an “august body” is an old-fashioned compliment.

What does Top of the bill mean?

top the bill To be the featured person in an event. Two professors from New York University are topping the bill at the conference on climate change this weekend. Up until now he’s only been a supporting act, but he’s going to top the bill for the first time next Saturday. See also: bill, top.

What do u mean by turn out?

1a : to come or go out from home in or as if in answer to a summons voters turned out in droves. b : to get out of bed. 2a : to prove to be in the result or end the play turned out to be a flop it turned out that we were both wrong. b : to become in maturity nobody thought he’d turn out like this.

What do you mean by turn out class 9?

Turnout indicates the per cent of eligible voters who actually cast their vote. 1. In India, the poor, illiterate and underprivileged people vote in larger proportion as compared to the rich and privileged sections.

Is August a girl’s name?

The name August is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “majestic, venerable”. Though associated traditionally (and fashionably) with boys, it has been used occasionally for girls as well – by Garth Brooks and by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, for example.

What October means?

October is here, and in the Northern Hemisphere, that often means the days are flush with falling leaves, chilling weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season. The tenth month by our Gregorian calendar, October shares a root with octopus and octagon—the Latin octo and Greek okto, meaning “eight.”

What does star billing mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive somebody top/star billinggive somebody top/star billingto name a particular performer, actor etc as being the most important person in a show, play etc → billing.

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