What is the last book in the shadow falls Series?

What is the last book in the shadow falls Series?

Chosen at Nightfall
The fifth and final novel, Chosen at Nightfall was released on April 23, 2013. On March 15, 2011, a short story was released, entitled “Turned at Dark”.

Who does Kylie end up with in shadow falls?

A little bit later Kylie realizes that she does in fact love Lucas and wishes she told him before he left for his Father’s. This is short lived when she learns of his Betrothal Ceremony to a Werewolf named Monique.

What are all the books in the shadow falls Series?

Born at Midnight2011
Awake at Dawn2011Taken at Dusk2012Whispers at Moonrise2012Chosen at Nightfall2013
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What is Kylie in born at midnight?

Sixteen-year-old Kylie Galen wants to believe it was a case of wrong place, wrong time that landed her in the Shadow Falls Camp for juvenile delinquents. She’d rather focus on big issues like her grandmother’s death, her parents’ divorce, and her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal.

What is a chameleon in shadow falls?

Chameleons are an extremely rare breed of supernaturals, who maintain DNA from both of their parents and from their ancestors, and can shift their brain pattern, and by doing so transform into other species, including fae, witch, vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, and even human, as well as hybrids of those species.

How do I read the Shadow Falls series?

Book Descriptions for this series

  1. Turned at Dark. Mar-2011. Fantasy. Book – 0.5.
  2. Born at Midnight. Apr-2011. Fantasy. Book – 1.
  3. Awake at Dawn. Oct-2011. Fantasy.
  4. Taken at Dusk. Apr-2012. Fantasy.
  5. Whispers at Moonrise. Oct-2012. Fantasy.
  6. Saved at Sunrise. Apr-2013. Fantasy.
  7. Chosen at Nightfall. Apr-2013. Fantasy.
  8. Unbreakable. Sep-2014. Fantasy.

What is Kylie in the shadow falls Series?

Shadow Falls is a series of fantasy-themed novels written by author C.C. Hunter. The series centers on 16 year-old teen Kylie Galen, who is sent off to Shadow Falls Camp by her mother, only to find out that the camp is meant as a summer institution for supernatural beings.

What order does the Shadow Falls series go in?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
1 Born at Midnight Apr-2011
2 Awake at Dawn Oct-2011
3 Taken at Dusk Apr-2012
4 Whispers at Moonrise Oct-2012

What order should I read Shadow Falls series?

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