What is the Festival of Lights in Lyon France?

What is the Festival of Lights in Lyon France?

From 8 December to the Festival of Lights The Festival of Lights is an international event renowned for its temporary light installations during which the city is metamorphosed for four magical evenings, reconnecting with a popular tradition dating back to 1852.

What time does the Festival of Lights start Lyon?

7 to 11 pm
This year, the festival opening times are as follows: from 7 to 11 pm on…

How long does La Fete des Lumieres last?

Fête des Lumières. See you in 2022! This year, the Festival of Lights proved as popular as ever with the public flocking to enjoy an impressive – and eclectic – lineup of artworks. During the 4-day event, the City of Lyon showcased thirty works, ranging from intimate installations to spectacular projection mapping.

Why is Fete des Lumieres celebrated?

The Fête des Lumières, or festival of lights, began in 1643 when a plague spread through the south of France. Lyon’s municipal councillors and public figures promised to pay homage to the Virgin Mary should the city be spared from the plague, which it was. On the 8th December 1852 they unveiled a statue in her honour.

Who created the Festival of Lights in Lyon?

To thank the Virgin Mary, the Lyonnais lit up their windows with thousands of candles, and the festival was born. Read more: 8 places to visit after dark in Lyon. Hungry?

What food is Lyon famous for?

Located in south-eastern France, Lyon is a geographic hub for agricultural produce. Its cuisine combines ingredients from the north – such as chicken from Bresse, Charolais beef, and ample cream and butter – with the fresh, seasonal vegetables, wine, and olive oil produced in the valleys further south.

What Festival do you think is most likely similar to Diwali festival?

Diwali Festival There are many similarities between the two. The Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, is celebrated for eight consecutive nights sometime between late November and late December – determined by the Hebrew calendar – in Israel and by Jewish people all over the world.

What Festival is Lyon famous for?

Festival of Lights
A veritable institution in Lyon, the Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) is an opportunity to (re)discover the city in a new and artistic light. Every December for almost 30 years, the city of Lyon has lit up with an explosion of light and colour.

What is the history of the Festival of Lights?

First and foremost, it commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem after a successful revolt of the Jewish people led by Judah Maccabee against their Syrian-Greek oppressors, who had tried to assimilate the Jewish people and, in so doing, had desecrated the Temple.

Why is Lyon famous?

Lyon became a major economic hub during the Renaissance. The city is recognised for its cuisine and gastronomy, as well as historical and architectural landmarks; as such, the districts of Old Lyon, the Fourvière hill, the Presqu’île and the slopes of the Croix-Rousse are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What is the meaning of Lyonnaise?

prepared with onions
Definition of lyonnaise : prepared with onions lyonnaise potatoes.

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