What is the fees of RV college?

What is the fees of RV college?

RV College of Engineering Management Quota Fees Structure – B.E

Course Duration Yearly Fees (Rs.)
B.E (Chemical Engineering) 4 Years 3,50,000
B.E (Computer Science & Engineering) 4 Years 10,50,000
B.E (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) 4 Years 3,50,000
B.E (Information Science & Engineering) 4 Years 8, 00,000

Which is better BMSCE or Rvce?

In terms of computer science, both universities are excellent. Both colleges have excellent placement rates, with over 95% of students placed. R.V. is better in terms of campus because it is larger and has better cafeteria amenities. When it comes to BMS, the college’s crowd, including faculty and staff, is excellent.

Is BMSCE aided or unaided?

College of Engineering (BMSCE) is a private engineering college in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, India. It was started in 1946 by Bhusanayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah and is run by the B.M.S.

Can I get direct admission in BMSCE?

Yes, you can get Direct Admission in BMSCE Bangalore through Management Quota very easily. BMSCE Bangalore has about 25% seats reserved under Management Quota available for Direct Admission.

Is RV College better than Vit?

RVCE is far better than VIT in terms of placement in cse. Average package for cse student in RVCE is 10lpa where as in VIT it is around 4-5lpa.so in terms of placement RVCE wins in large margin. RVCE is far better than VIT in terms of placement in cse.

What is the COMEDK fees in RV College?

The annual fees for first year of B. Tech programme at RVCE Bangalore through COMEDK for outside Karnataka candidates will be between Rs 2,07,000 to 2,10,000 (1,70,000 as tuition fees and 40,000 as college fees).

Is Vit better than Bmsit?

Both are good but i prefer you BMSCE bangalore because fee and quality of education is different from vit, it is top institute in nirf rankings ( under50) top recruitment will take place at last year companies like Microsoft coming every decade so obviously you get a good job .

Which is better MSRIT or BMS?

I studied in RVCE but closely followed both MSRIT and BMSCE, if you are looking at learning, placements, ranking etc MSRIT fares better than BMSCE but if you are looking from a holistic approach like sports and cultural apart from Studies and placements then you have to go for BMSCE !

Which is better BMSCE or Bmsit?

BMSCE is better than BMSIT in every way. Its just that the campus is smaller than bmsit ,otherwise it has everything better than it.

Are laptops allowed in BMSCE?

The Hostelites are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to keep under lock (preferably a branded one) all valuable items such as laptop, mobile phones, etc. and lock the room even when they move out for a small interval of time.

Which is better Bmsce or Bmsit?

What is the fee structure of BMS College of Engineering?

The course fee in BMS College of Engineering for the B.E lateral entry would be around Rs. 21,560 per annum; hence for three years fee will be Rs. 64,680. BMS College of Engineering Fees Structure For M.Tech

What are the courses in BMS College of Engineering-[BMSCE] Bangalore?

BMS College of Engineering – [BMSCE],Bangalore, Karnataka has 60 Courses with Average Fees 25,300 per year. Top Courses at BMS College of Engineering – [BMSCE] Bangalore, Karnataka are BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech, M.Phil/Ph.D in Engineering

What is the history of BMSCE?

B.M.S. College of Engineering (BMSCE) is an autonomous engineering college in Basavangudi, Bengaluru spread on 11 acres 30 guntas and about five kms away from the central railway station. It was established in 1946 and is run by the B.M.S. Educational Trust. There are eight group institutions of B.M.S Educational Trust.

What are the facilities provided to students in BMSCE?

Facilities like water heaters with a capacity of 3000 liters per day, Volleyball Court, TV lounge, Indoor games like Carrom Board, Table Tennis are also provided. Q. Can foreign students also avail admission in BMSCE?

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