What is the difference between top feed and side feed injectors?

What is the difference between top feed and side feed injectors?

A top feed injector receives it’s fuel from the top of the injector, where the injector top plugs into a fuel rail. The side feed injector receives it’s fuel from the side of the injector, where the injector is nested in a fuel rail.

Are STi injectors top feed?

STi conversion fuel rails are used to convert the ’04-’06 STi or ’05-’06 Legacy GT fuel system from side feed injectors to top feed fuel injectors and as such use specific Fuel Injector Clinic injectors. These STI/Legacy fuel rails Include -6AN fittings on both ends.

How much power can a stock WRX block take?

They will hold up to 400 whp (again as shown in our PPIHC car), but if you want to push up to or beyond that power level, a set of aftermarket H-Beam rods would be recommended.

What is side feed?

Side feed injectors: For side feed injectors the fuel enters through slots machined into the sides of the injector. The fuel rail is combined into the inlet manifold or cylinder head. Top feed injectors: As the name suggest fuel feeds into the injector from the top.

What is top feed injector?

Top feed injectors are the most abundant and make use of a common fuel rail. Although there is a wide variety of top feed injectors they all operate on the same basis. The top of the injector is pushed into the fuel rail. An O-ring forms a seal between the injector and the fuel rail.

What is injector in boiler?

injector, a device for injecting liquid fuel into an internal-combustion engine. The term is also used to describe an apparatus for injecting feed water into a boiler.

How much HP can a 2004 WRX handle?

How Much Hp Can A 2004 Wrx Handle? As sphinx said, it will handle cranks up to 400-450 HP.

How much HP can a EJ20 handle?

300 whp: The EJ20/EJ25 engines can handle 300 whp maximum with stock internals with no further modifications other than a proper fuel management tune.

What is bottom feed injector?

Bottom feed injectors receive their fuel supply near the bottom of the injector (Fig. 1). These were typically used on throttle body injection units, however some manufacturers are beginning to use them on port fuel applications.

What is a typical fuel injector pulse width?

Injector pulse width is the amount of time, measured in milliseconds (ms), that a fuel injector stays open (delivers fuel) during a cylinder intake cycle. The typical injector pulse width for an idling engine at normal operating temperature is between 2.5 and 3.5 ms.

What does an ejector do on a steam locomotive?

A steam locomotive usually has two ejectors: a large ejector for releasing the brakes when stationary and a small ejector for maintaining the vacuum against leaks. The exhaust from the ejectors is invariably directed to the smokebox, by which means it assists the blower in draughting the fire.

What is the difference between side feed and top feed injectors?

Side feed injectors (like the STi’s) get pumped fuel into slots on their side and top feed injectors get pumped fuel through the top of the injector. To change from side to top feed you will need to change your fuel rails. I don’t know if there is a performance benefit to one over the other.

Can a WRX TGV be converted to topfeed?

The WRX TGVs have a “narrower” seat for the injector. So, to convert to topfeeds, you’d need: new WRX specific fuel rails, WRX specific TGVs (or WRX specific TGV deletes), WRX topfeed harness connectors.

Can I use WRX fuel injectors in STI?

I only mentioned the WRX because it uses top feed injectors and would have the correct injector connectors for the top feeds. If you try and change the STI over to top feeds, you may have to wire in WRX connectors so you can plug them into the engine harness. The TGV injector “seats” are also different.

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