What is the diameter of 48-well plate?

What is the diameter of 48-well plate?

6 mm diameter
These 48-well plates offer higher throughput, with a 6 mm diameter glass culture surface.

How much volume does a 48-well plate have?

Useful information for various sizes of cell culture dishes and flasks

Catalog No. Growth medium (mL). Approx. volume
12-well 150628 1 to 2
24-well 142475 0.5 to 1.0
48-well 150687 0.2 to 0.4

What is the surface area of a 24 well plate?

As the growth area in each 24 well plate is 1.9 cm2. So, the total growth surface- area is 1.9*24 = 45.6 cm2.

What is the area of a 12 well plate?

Growth Area of Tissue Culture Plates and Dishes

Growth Area (cm2) Media Volume (ml)
245 mm (square) 500 100-150
6 well 9.5 1.9-2.0
12 well 3.8 0.76-1.14

What is the diameter of a 24 well plate?

0 Coverslip | 13 mm Glass Diameter | Uncoated.

What is the area of a 96-well plate?

96-Well Plates

Cat.No. Brand Growth Area
83-3596 Corning® 0.32cm2
83-3997 Corning® 0.32cm2
83-3598 Corning® 0.32cm2
83-3599 Corning® 0.32cm2

How many HEK cells does a T75 have?

Dispense the cells at a cell density of 1 x 104/cm2 in T75 cell culture flasks. You should have roughly 12-14 T75 cell culture flasks at this stage. The spent media should be replaced with fresh media every 2 days.

How much media is in a t175 flask?

‘Woking volume of medium in T -75 cm2 flask is 15-20ml. If you find more density of the cells you can split into other flask rather adding medium to the same falsk.

What is the area of a well in a 96 well plate?

What is the volume of a 96 well plate?

Technical features of wells Biomat’s 96 Wells Strip Plates are offered with different Well capacities: 350 μl. 360 μl.

How do you calculate the area of a plate?

Multiply the length by its width to calculate the plate surface area in square centimeters. In this example, the surface area is 12.7 x 7.62 or 96.774 square cm. Calculate or measure the volume of the plate; if the plate density is known, divide the plate weight by the density.

What is a 24 well plate used for?

AcroPrep 24-well filter plates with Omega membrane can be used for ultrafiltration applications including desalting, diafiltration, concentration or fractionation of protein and nucleic acid samples.

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