What is the best way to draw attention to a list of documents?

What is the best way to draw attention to a list of documents?

The best way to draw attention to a list is to format the items with bullets or numbers. You can even create multi-level lists. For different emphasis, change any bullet or number style to one of Word’s many predefined formats. For example, switch round bullets to check boxes or Roman numerals to lowercase letters.

Do you use full stops in a numbered list?

If a complete sentence introduces the bulleted list, each item in the list should end with a full stop, not a colon, and each point should begin with a capital letter.

What is the correct format for bullet points?

Use a period (full stop) after every bullet point that is a sentence (as these bullets do). Use a period after every bullet point that completes the introductory stem. Use no punctuation after bullets that are not sentences and do not complete the stem. Use all sentences or all fragments, not a mixture.

How do you use a semicolon in a sentence examples?

Semicolons Separate Clauses Here’s an example: I have a big test tomorrow; I can’t go out tonight. The two clauses in that sentence are separated by a semicolon and could be sentences on their own if you put a period between them instead: I have a big test tomorrow.

When would you use a numbered list?

Use numbered lists when the order of the listed items is important and ideas must be expressed in chronological order. For example, use a numbered list when you must enumerate a series of steps in instructions, or when you are introducing ideas that will be discussed in a certain order in the following text.

What goes at the beginning of a list?

Format for Lists

  • Use a colon to introduce the list items only if a complete sentence precedes the list.
  • Use both opening and closing parentheses on the list item numbers or letters: (a) item, (b) item, etc.
  • Use either regular Arabic numbers or lowercase letters within the parentheses, but use them consistently.

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