What is the best way to blend colored pencils?

What is the best way to blend colored pencils?

Baby Oil – Baby oil has always been a popular choice for blending colored pencils. The oil dissolves the binder of the pencil allowing it to be spread easily over the surface. Baby oil is safe, odorless, and easily spread with a soft brush.

Is there a blender for colored pencils?

Prismacolor colorless blender pencils are ideal for artists looking to enhance their colored pencil artwork. They blend in the same way color pencils do, as they contain the same wax and binder, but no pigment is added.

Do colored pencil blenders work?

Blending stumps and tortillons are more often associated with graphite drawing, but they also work with colored pencil. I’ve found them to be slightly less effective than paper towel, but they are very useful if you want to blend a small area.

What is the best liquid to blend colored pencils?

Rubbing alcohol is a great solvent for colored pencils. It breaks down the wax binder in most colored pencils and allows the pigments to blend more like paint.

Can you use water to blend colored pencils?

Water can be used to blend color pencils if they are water-soluble. Most colored pencils use a wax or oil to bind the pigment into a pencil so these types of colored pencils will not blend with water. If you have watercolor pencils then these will definitely blend with water.

Are Faber Castell pencils good for blending?

Faber-Castell Classic Colored Pencils take the proven Faber-Castel name and apply them to a much more affordable entry-level set. The cores are hardened and aspects such as blending and color output are lowered some but the result is a durable and simple pencil that is great for a classroom setting.

Are Faber Castell colored pencils good for blending?

Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils are a unique tool in the world of sketching. They are oil based as opposed to being wax based like other pencils, allowing them to blend with solvents, like turpentine or white spirit in a similar way to how you would blend oil paints.

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