What is the best seed in Minecraft for caves?

What is the best seed in Minecraft for caves?

5 Best Seeds for Caves in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18

  • Lush Caves Biome with a Mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)
  • Massive Dripstone Cave near spawn (Image via Minecraft)
  • A huge Lush Cave with an Amethyst Geode and Zombie Spawner (Image via Minecraft)
  • Massive mineshaft over Lava (Image via Minecraft)

What is the best seed for Minecraft PE?

The best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds

  • Seed: SUPER PIG.
  • Seed: 26248.
  • Seed: XNXX.
  • Seed: -8198.
  • Seed: ELBOWS.
  • Seed: 57558375.
  • Seed: 1193133207.
  • Seed: -1115237354.

Does Minecraft PE have caves?

Caves are Generated Structures added in Update 0.9. 0….

Type Generated Structure
Location Underground/Mountains
First Appearance Update 0.9.0

What is the best seed in Minecraft 1.17 pe?

15 Best Minecraft 1.17 Seeds

  • Scenic Forest Village.
  • Beautiful Forest Hills.
  • Extreme Hills Lavafall. Picture: RockPaperShotgun.
  • No Tree Island.
  • Endless Desert.
  • Desert Village near a Woodland Mansion.
  • Pillager Outpost Spawn.
  • Bonus: Snowy Mountains Near Mushroom Fields.

Is there a lush cave seed?

Badlands Lush Cave This seed has a Lush cave directly under a mountain in the Badlands. This cave actually features a lake right inside it, with water pouring over its edges down into a deep cavern below. This seed stands out as it’s almost like a hidden underground oasis right in the middle of the desert.

What seeds have lush caves?

Lush Cave Seeds List

  • Coral Lake Lush Cave Cove Seed.
  • Mushroom Island & Many Biomes Seed.
  • Badlands Lush Cave Seed.
  • Massive Lush Cave System Seed.
  • Bamboo Jungle & Lush Caves Seed.
  • Pirates Cove & Village Seed.

What is the most luckiest seed in Minecraft PE?

Vertical Desert Village Seed in Minecraft PE Though, the rare vertical villages are only known to spawn in scattered savannas. But this seed brings you a vertical, multi-level desert village, and it is one of the most luckiest seeds in Minecraft PE.

How do you get lush caves in Minecraft PE?

How To Generate A Lush Cave In Minecraft

  1. In the Create New World menu, players need to select “More World Options.”
  2. Select World Type.
  3. Change from “Default” to “Single Biome.”
  4. The list of Minecraft biomes is in alphabetical order, so scroll down to the “L’s.”
  5. Select Lush Caves.
  6. Click “Done.”
  7. Click “Create New World.”

What biome has lush caves?

temperate Overworld cave biome
A lush cave is a temperate Overworld cave biome that has a unique fauna and flora and is found underground below azalea trees….Lush Caves.

Type Underground
Water color #3F76E4‌ [JE only] [check the code]‌ [BE only]

How rare are lush caves?

Lush caves are currently categorized as uncommon biomes in Minecraft. This makes them slightly rare, but players who comb their world shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one.

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