What is the best pistol in Resident Evil 2?

What is the best pistol in Resident Evil 2?

Top 5 Resident Evil 2 Handguns

  1. Quickdraw Army: Best for Fire Rate AND Damage!
  2. JMB Hp3: Best for Accuracy and Clip Size.
  3. M19: Best for Damage.
  4. Matilda: Best for a Well-rounded Weapon.
  5. SLS 60: Best for Tickling Zombies. Here comes the tickle monster!

What gun does Claire Redfield use?

The SLS 60 Handgun is Claire Redfield’s default weapon. It fires 9mm Handgun Ammo, but has a very limited ammo count with a long reload time. The Speed Loader will vastly decrease the time it takes to reload the revolver, and can be found at Leon’s Desk in the West Office of the Police Station.

Why is Leon’s gun called Matilda?

The weapon is a reference to Resident Evil 2 as it modeled after Leon’s upgraded handgun and is unlocked alongside his R.P.D. costume, which is also from the past title. The name “Matilda” is likely a reference to the film The Professional, since the gun and the “Professional” difficulty setting are unlocked together.

How do you get the submachine gun in Claire’s?

To acquire Claire’s powerful sub machine gun, you need the S.T.A.R.S. Badge, which can be examined and turned into a USB to open the Armory in the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor of the police station.

What gun is Matilda?

The Matilda is a 3 Round Burst 9mm Pistol. Its real life counter part is the Heckler & Koch VP70. The Matilda takes up 10 cells (2×5) in the Attache Case. You can buy it from The Merchant for 70,000 PTAS after beating the game once.

What gun does Ethan use in re8?

Winchester M1897 Trench Gun The Winchester Model 1897 is the first shotgun Ethan can acquire in the game, and can be found early on in the village.

Is Lemi or Samurai Edge better?

The Samurai Edge has better base stats than the LEMI, but it quickly becomes a paper tiger once it sees action. The gun is not upgradeable and cannot be modded, meaning the slightly superior base stats to the LEMI don’t mean much at all in the long run.

What gun does hunk use?

His exclusive weapon is the “Matilda” and is only in his segment that is possible to obtain the Hand Cannon.

Should I upgrade broken butterfly?

Make the Striker your first upgrade priority (fully upgraded the Striker can carry 100 rounds), but yes you definitely should upgrade the Broken Butterfly as well. Its exclusive upgrade increases its firepower to 50.0, it makes quick work of all bosses.

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