What is the 54 countries Capitals in Africa?

What is the 54 countries Capitals in Africa?

Africa has 54 independent nations but more than 54 capitals. The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho, with a population of 14,000….Zimbabwe – Harare.

Country Capital
Lesotho Maseru
Liberia Monrovia
Libya Tripoli
Madagascar Antananarivo

What are the capital cities of all African countries?

Capital Cities of African Nations
Abuja Abuja Map Nigeria
Accra Accra Map Ghana
Addis Ababa (Addis Abeba) Addis Ababa Map Ethiopia
Algiers (Alger, El Djazâir, Al Jaza’ir) Algiers Map Algeria

What are the 52 country in Africa?

Countries in Africa:

# Country Population (2020)
50 Djibouti 988,000
51 Comoros 869,601
52 Cabo Verde 555,987
53 Sao Tome & Principe 219,159

How many cities are in Africa?

Share of Africa’s urban population The 100 cities had a total population of 242.5 million in 2020, out of a total urban population for Africa of 587.7 million. There are thousands of urban centres not in the top 100, whose combined population was 345.2 million in 2020.

How many states are in Africa?

54 sovereign states
There are 54 sovereign states (or countries) in Africa – see the list below the map. 55 African countries, 54 sovereign African states plus the territory of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, are members of the African Union, a federation of African nations established in 2001 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

What is the largest capital city in Africa?

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the African capital with the largest population, about 7.9 million. When the surrounding metropolitan area is included, Cairo has a population of 14.8 million, making it the among the 20 largest cities in the world.

What is the capital city of Nigeria?

AbujaNigeria / Capital

What are the 10 largest city in Africa?

List of city proper in Africa by population

Rank City Population
1 Kinshasa 15,628,000
2 Lagos 15,388,000
3 Cairo 10,025,657
4 Giza 9,200,000

Which is the capital of South Africa?

Cape Town
South Africa/Capitals

South Africa has three cities that serve as capitals: Pretoria (executive), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial).

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