What is Tetraspora?

What is Tetraspora?

Species of Tetraspora are unicellular green algae that exist in arrangements of four and consist of cells being packaged together in a gelatinous envelope that creates macroscopic colonies.

What is the pH range of Tetraspora?

Physio-chemical studies of the habitats have shown that Tetraspora species tolerate wide pH ranges: (4.5-9.63) but are most commonly found in water bodies with a pH between 6–7. Likewise, the optimal growth conditions for species of the genus Tetraspora are alkaline, low mesotrophic and shallow bodies of freshwater.

Where is Turbinaria ornata Found?

Turbinaria ornata is a very common brown alga found intertidally on Hawaiian reefs and throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is normally found in small clusters attached to the crevices of basalt rocks in high wave action areas as well as in the crevices of coral heads at 20-30 meters deep.

What is the cell division in Tetraspora?

In addition, mitosis is well defined in Tetraspora species; particularly investigated in T. gelatinosa. Cell division involves elaborate arrangement of microtubules, basal body complexes and involve the use of structures like phycoplasts and protoplast. Studies have shown antimicrobial properties of certain species.

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