What is Sesame?

What is Sesame?

A new tool for analysis Sustainable Energy System Analysis Modelling Environment (SESAME) is a novel, system-scale energy analysis tool to assess the system-level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of today’s changing energy system. The underlying analytic tool constitutes more than a thousand individual energy pathways.

Do Sesame lifts comply with European standards?

Sesame lifts also comply with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) including relevant harmonised standards eg EN81-41. Our Declaration of Conformity gives assurance that we comply with European Standards, including the European CE mark. Sesame’s bespoke platform lifts also comply to the strict German Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV) standards.

How has Sesame access changed the world?

Sesame Access has revolutionised step-free access by showing that it can be creative, versatile and sexy, and can be installed in modern to Grade I Listed buildings. As a mathematician, I absolutely love the Sesame lifts!

How did SESAME work with a+D?

Sesame worked with A+D to design a bespoke, award winning Westminster horizontally retracting stairlift. An important part of the brief was to incorporate a curve on the retracting Sesame steps to match the geometry of the altar. A challenge.. but we did it!

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