What is Section 67 of IT Act?

What is Section 67 of IT Act?

Section 67 of The Information Technology Act, 2000 penalises any person for transmitting obscene material that is lascivious in nature. The terms ‘obscene’ and ‘lascivious’ are subjective and are open to being interpreted differently by different people.

What are the objectives of Information Technology Act 2000?

Answer: The primary objectives of the IT Act, 2000 are: Granting legal recognition to all transactions done through electronic data exchange, other means of electronic communication or e-commerce in place of the earlier paper-based communication.

What is the scope of it act?

Under the IT Act, 2000, it is possible for corporate to have a statutory remedy in case if anyone breaks into their computer systems or network and causes damages or copies data. The remedy provided by the Act is in the form of monetary damages, not exceeding Rs. 1 crore.

What is Cyber Law Act 2000?

The Information Technology Act, 2000 (also known as ITA-2000, or the IT Act) is an Act of the Indian Parliament (No 21 of 2000) notified on 17 October 2000. It is the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce.

What is the main goal of developing technology?

The main goal of technology (at least the publicly stated goal used to justify it) is to make life better, such that creating it is a net positive for human society. Unfortunately technology is developed by humans who have other motives and vices.

How many sections are there in IPC?


What are advantages and disadvantages of information technology?

Communication – with help of information technologies the instant messaging, emails, voice and video calls becomes quicker, cheaper and much efficient. Globalization and cultural gap – by implementing information systems we can bring down the linguistic, geographical and some cultural boundaries.

Which is the main provision of IT Act 2000?

Provisions of IT Act 2000 The original act addressed electronic documents, e-signatures, and authentication of those records. It also enacted penalties for security breach offenses including damaging computer systems or committing cyber terrorism.

What are 5 Science examples?

This includes the departments of learning and bodies of fact in disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, cybernetics, geography, geology, mathematics, medicine, physics, physiology, psychology, social science, sociology, and zoology. An example of science is biology.

What are the six important business objectives of information technology?

The six important business objectives of information technology are new products, services, and business models; customer and supplier intimacy; survival; competitive advantage, operational excellence, and: improved decision making.

What are the 3 main goals of technology companies?

As with any other commercial business, information technology companies have short-term and long-term financial objectives that include survival, profit maximization, sales and customer service, as well as economic growth.

What are the goals of information management?

The purpose of information management is to:

  • design, develop, manage, and use information with insight and innovation.
  • support decision making and create value for individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

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