What is Schlieren optics?

What is Schlieren optics?

Schlieren Optics. Optical technique that allows us to see small changes in the refractivity of air and other transparent media. Refraction due to inhomogeneity in air is made visible by our single-mirror schlieren optics setup.

What are the applications of the schlieren system?

Applications for the Schlieren system include: the determination of refractive index, wind tunnel research, fluid and air current flow, internal character of glass, flame analysis, sound velocity and the mass of microscopic particles. Brightness variations on the screen will occur according to changes within the medium of the test area.

What is Schlieren Flow visualization?

The word schlieren comes from the German schliere, meaning “streak”. Schlieren flow visualization is based on the deflection of light by a refractive index gradient The index gradient is directly related to flow density gradient. The deflected light is compared to undeflected light at a viewing screen.

What is schlieren system in wind tunnel?

Schlieren systems are used to visualize the flow away from the surface of an object. The schlieren system shown in this figure uses two concave mirrors on either side of the test section of the wind tunnel. A mercury vapor lamp or a spark gap system is used as a bright source of light.

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