What is Partman-auto?

What is Partman-auto?

INTRODUCTION ————— partman-auto is the part of the partitioner that automatically partitions disks. It is controlled by recipes, which are provided in partman-auto as files, but may also be provided by other udebs, or by preseeding. This document explains the format of the recipes and how to use them.

How do you partition a hard drive in Partman?

An interesting thing about partman is that you can put everything on one line, or you can break lines using the character “”. Use a “.” in between hard drives. $primary { } is needed to make the partition a primary partition. method { } is used to tell it what type to format. You can use swap, raid, or format.

What are the limitations of Partman-auto?

LIMITATIONS ————– Due to limitation of the algorithms in partman-auto, there must be at least one partition with high maximal size so that the whole free space can be used. Usually you can give the partition containing /home a maximal size 1000000000 which is high enough for the present storage devices.

What is Partman-auto/expert_recipe used for?

(One of) The (many, many) weird thing (s) about partman is that partman-auto/expert_recipe is used for defining partitions on disks and logical volumes. How could this ever not be confusing!?!?

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