What is ORA-03135?

What is ORA-03135?

An ORA-03135 error reads as the “connection lost contact”. This means that the server connection was unexpectedly terminated or forced to terminate. This can also mean that the server simply timed out the connection.

How to fix ORA-03135 connection lost contact?

The ORA-03135 error is common when connecting remotely when a firewall terminates the connection. One solution for the ORA-03135 error is to increase the value of the sqlnet. ora expire_time parameter in the sqlnet. ora file or to check for a expire parameter in a SQL*Plus profile.

What is Sqlnet expire_time?

The SQLNET. EXPIRE_TIME specifies a time interval (in minutes) to send a check, which verifies that the client/server connections are active. Setting a value greater than 0 ensures that connections are not left open indefinitely, due to an abnormal client termination.

What is the purpose of SQLNET Ora?

The SQLNET. ORA file contains optional parameters used by clients and the server (when acting as client) on the network, such as logging, tracing, and security parameters.

What is names Directory_path?

USe of NAMES. DIRECTORY_PATH parameter in SQLNET. ora is to specified the order of the naming method used for client name resolution. Default value in order is NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH=(tnsnames, ldap, ezconnect) Naming Method value and description.

What is Disable_oob?

Synopsis. DISABLE_OOB = OFF | ON. Allows you to disable out-of-band breaks. These represent Net8’s mechanism for urgent messages between client and server, and are what enable you to interrupt long-running queries by pressing CTRL-C. The default value is OFF, which allows out-of-band breaks to occur.

What is SQLNET Ora and Tnsnames Ora?

The tnsnames. ora file functions in much the same way as the ‘hosts’ file in Unix and PC environment. These text files provide the network addressing information to other systems on the network. The sqlnet. ora file provides the network address to the Oracle Name Server (ONS) for Net connections.

Does JDBC use Tnsnames Ora?

When using TNSNames with the JDBC Thin driver, you must set the oracle. net. tns_admin property to the directory that contains your tnsnames. ora file.

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