What is NUS Urops?

What is NUS Urops?

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) is a research module which can be taken by undergraduate students before their honours year.

How do I apply for NUS Urops?

Notes on UROPS Online Registration

  1. Applicant must have discussed with the project supervisor on the intended project before registration;
  2. Applicant goes online to select and register for the project;
  3. Project supervisor allocates the project to the applicant online;

What is the UROPs programme?

The Faculty introduced USRP (Undergraduate Science Research Programme) in AY1994/95. It was later renamed as UROPS in 1998. The aim of this programme is to provide you with an unique opportunity to work with our Faculty staff and experience the challenges and benefits that come from pursuing an independent research project.

What are the project requirements for UROPs?

The project must be of 4 MCs workload and completed during the Special Terms. In other words, students must start the project in Special Term (Part 1) and complete it in Special Term (Part 2). NUS Science students’ UROPS online registration system is available here.

What are the benefits of doing UROPs?

Students would be able to enhance their knowledge in the latest development of science and technology, acquire scientific communication and presentation skills, experience creative thinking, interact and forge closer ties with the established scientists and members of their research groups. A UROPS project can be tied to an industrial project.

Can I do the same UROPs project more than once?

Important: A student can only undertake one UROPS project during an academic semester. Also, the same module code cannot be repeated. For e.g., a student who has done a Level-3000 UROPS from the Department of Chemistry (i.e. CM3288) is not allowed to do the same level of UROPS from the same Department again.

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