What is IKONOS image?

What is IKONOS image?

IKONOS was a commercial Earth observation satellite, and was the first to collect publicly available high-resolution imagery at 1- and 4-meter resolution. It collected multispectral (MS) and panchromatic (PAN) imagery.

What does IKONOS do?

The IKONOS satellite is operated by Space Imaging Inc. of Denver, Colorado, USA. IKONOS simultaneously collects one-meter resolution black-and-white (panchromatic) images and four-meter resolution color (multispectral) images.

What is the resolution of IKONOS?

IKONOS Satellite Sensor Characteristics

Launch Date 24 September 1999 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA
Speed Over the Ground 6.8 kilometers per second
Revolutions Around the Earth 14.7, every 24 hours
Altitude 681 kilometers
Resolution at Nadir 0.80 meters panchromatic; 3.28 meters multispectral

What is the radiometric resolution of GeoEye 1?

The requirements of GeoEye-1 called for panchromatic imagery with a resolution of 0.41 m and multispectral imagery with a resolution of 1.64 m.

Are IKONOS images free?

There are no way to freely access to HQ satellite images. They are all commercial product and sold at a high price.

WHO launched IKONOS?

Lockheed Martin Athena II
Launch Day IKONOS launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Complex 6 on September 24, 1999. A Lockheed Martin Athena II rocket placed IKONOS on orbit 423 miles above Earth.

How many bands does IKONOS have?

four bands
Landsat-TM has seven bands; IKONOS has four bands; hyperspectral sensors typically may have more than 200 very narrow bands (cf. Landsat’s seven bands). Radiometric resolution refers to the number of potential brightness values that can be stored for a pixel.

Is GeoEye-1 still in orbit?

GeoEye-1 is an Earth-imaging satellite operated by Maxar of the United States which launched 6 September 2008 and remains operational. It is part of ESA’s Third Party Missions Programme, in which ESA has an agreement with European Space Imaging (EUSI) to distribute data products from the mission.

When did DigitalGlobe buy GeoEye?

WASHINGTON — Imaging satellite operator DigitalGlobe announced Jan. 31 that it had finalized its acquisition of erstwhile rival GeoEye creating a single company with five satellites on orbit and a market capitalization of $2.1 billion based on DigitalGlobe’s closing share value the previous day.

How do I download an Ikonos image?

You can try ESA third party portal where you can find detailed information and related redirecting for accessing data. In order to download IKONOS (https://earth.esa.int/web/guest/missions/3rd-party-missions/current-missions/ikonos-2) imagery you need fast registration (approx.

Which satellite system produces multispectral images with a finest spatial resolution?

GeoEye-1 is capable of acquiring image data at 0.50-meter panchromatic (B&W) and 1.84-meter multispectral resolution.

How many sensors are there in IKONOS 2?

The detectors at the focal plane included a panchromatic sensor with 13,500 pixels cross-track, and four multispectral sensors (blue, green, red, and near-infrared) each with 3375 pixels along-track….Optical Sensor Assembly (OSA)

Parameter Value
Spectral range PAN 0.45 – 0.90 µm

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