What is Hustler?

What is Hustler?

HUSTLER is a lifestyle of freedom and defiance. Taste freedom in every drop of HUSTLER ENERGY DRINK! Be defiant with every swallow of the all-natural Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine! HUSTLER will boost your Energy and contains Horny Goat Weed which will naturally extend your sexual drive!

What is the Hustler® Kiss lifestyle?

HUSTLER® began as a sexy, daring, yet playful men’s magazine and has evolved into a global lifestyle. HUSTLER® is a lifestyle of freedom and defiance. HUSTLER® KISS is a disposable device providing a new kind of freedom…freedom from maintenance, charging, or refilling.

What is the difference between the hustle and Hustle HYB?

The Hustle HYB uses the same core as all the other Hustles before it, but has a brand new hybrid cover. The HYB hooks several boards more than any other Hustle, and outhooks the price point by a significant amount.

What is the Roto Grip Hustle HYB?

The Roto Grip Hustle HYB takes the renowned Hustle core which has a lower RG design and lower differential and pairs it with the VTC-H18 (Versatile Traction Control-Hybrid 18) core then is finished with a 3000-grit pad.

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