What is gmfc?

What is gmfc?

GMFC, a software for cutting foam shapes. GMFC provides specific functions for cutting wing cores, and also support any complex shape such as a fuselages and letters.

How to activate the cutting function of a gmfc machine?

To permanently activate cutting functions, you must buy a license key which is specific to a given machine. Only the cutting machine needs a license key. Thus, you may share a single GMFC license among a club or a group of friends.

What types of interfaces does gmgmfc work with?

GMFC works with two types of interfaces: (i) parallel port interfaces with a timer (see interfaces) for 32 bit versions of Windows, (ii) the GGC adapter that connects most of the parallel motor interface through USB and works for all Windows versions.

How do I test gmfc?

To test GMFC, download the xx.zip file, unzip it and run install_gmfc_xx_en.exe . You may run GMFC through the start menu. At startup time, GMFC will display in the about screen, the software code that uniquely identifies your copy of GMFC.

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