What is Flexi season ticket?

What is Flexi season ticket?

A Flexi Season ticket provides customers with 8 days of travel in 28 days – any time between two named stations. The 8 days of travel doesn’t need to be specified in advance, giving part-time commuters more flexibility to travel when they want and need.

What is a custom season ticket?

The Custom Length Ticket lets you enjoy the benefits of a Season Ticket for a length of time that suits you. It’s ideal for project-based or fixed-term contract commuters who work in one place for a number of weeks at a time.

What is a carnet ticket?

What are Carnet tickets? When you choose a Carnet train ticket, you’ll receive a book of pre-paid, standard class tickets for a certain journey. These are single tickets and they’re cheaper than buying the same ticket for that journey on the day you travel. They’re single rather than return tickets.

Can I use a Railcard with a flexi season ticket?

Can you use a Railcard with a Flexi Season ticket? Yes. 16-17 Saver and Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Cardholders will be able to get 50% off their Flexi Season ticket. However, no other Railcard or group discounts will apply to Flexi Season tickets.

Does a season ticket include the return journey?

Using your Season Ticket Most Season Tickets are return “Anytime” tickets; therefore you have the complete freedom to travel at any time of day between the origin and destination stations you specify (in both directions). You can use your Season Ticket as often as you like while the ticket is valid.

What is an open return train ticket?

An Open Return is a flexible ticket that doesn’t make you choose a specific time or date to return. They’re valid for one calendar month from the date of the outward journey. There are a few types of Open ticket: Anytime: fully flexible tickets that can be used on peak and off-peak services.

How do season tickets work?

In sports, such as association football or American football, a season ticket grants the holder access to all regular-season home games for one season without additional charges. The ticket usually offers a discounted price over purchasing a ticket for each of the home games for a season individually.

Is a season ticket a return?

Most Season Tickets are return “Anytime” tickets; therefore you have the complete freedom to travel at any time of day between the origin and destination stations you specify (in both directions).

Can you get a refund on carnet tickets?

Refunds and replacements We can only offer a refund if you have a complete book of five or 10 unused Carnet tickets with consecutive numbers. We can’t replace Carnet tickets if they’re lost or stolen.

How much is a carnet?

Processing Fees as of February 1st, 2022:

General List Value Basic Processing Fee
$1 – 9,999 $255
$10,000 – 49,999 $300
$50,000 – 149,999 $365
$150,000 – 399,999 $425

Do Railcards apply to season tickets?

Railcards do not give discounts on Season tickets. Remember, not every ticket type is available for every journey that you might want to make, so it’s always best to check before booking. And be sure to read the full terms and conditions for using your Railcard.

Can you get a refund on flexi train tickets?

Flexi Seasons can only be refunded within their 28-Day validity period, regardless of number of unused days held. Refunds are permitted on Duplicate Season Tickets.

How does the new journey season ticket work?

The new journey Season Ticket is a continuous renewal and it must start on the day following surrender of the original ticket. Any additional charge or refund will be based on the ticket prices when the original Season Ticket was bought, pro rata to the periods before and after the changeover. No administration charge is made.

How do engineering works affect my train journey?

Engineering works affect trains at night more than during the day. If you’re planning to travel after 2300 or before 0530 then check train times carefully, to make sure that you can complete your journey safely. Sometimes this work has to be arranged at short notice, for example if emergency repairs have to be made, so please check our

When will train times be confirmed and finalised?

Now, train times will be confirmed and finalised up to 6 weeks before you travel. Network Rail are working hard to rectify this problem, but there is no quick fix and we anticipate the issue will continue for some time.

How do I upgrade my Standard Class season ticket to first class?

Standard Class Season Ticket holders may upgrade their Season Ticket to First Class at the ticket office before they board the train (or on the train if there is no open ticket office where you board the train).

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