What is eVar prop and event?

What is eVar prop and event?

Props are traffic variables. eVars are conversion variables. Events are things that happen on your site and are tied to conversion variables. You can’t cross the two together, but can cross props and you can subrelate eVars.

What is Adobe props?

Props are custom variables that you can use however you’d like. They do not persist beyond the hit that they are set. TIP. Adobe recommends using eVars in most cases. In previous versions of Adobe Analytics, props and eVars had advantages and disadvantages to each other.

How many eVars and props in Adobe Analytics?

Adobe supports up to 250 eVars, and only 75 props.

What is merchandising eVar?

Merchandising eVars let you assign the current value of an eVar to a product at the time a success event takes place. This value remains tied to that product, even if one or more new values are later set for that particular eVar.

What is eVars prosthesis?

Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), is a type of minimally-invasive endovascular surgery used to treat pathology of the aorta, most commonly an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).

What is unspecified in Adobe Analytics?

Various reports in Adobe Analytics can show “Unspecified”, “Other”, or “Unknown”, depending on the specific report viewed. Generally, this line item means that the variable was not defined or otherwise unavailable.

What is eVar Adobe Analytics?

The Custom Insight Conversion Variable (or eVar) is placed in the Adobe code on selected web pages of your site. Its primary purpose is to segment conversion success metrics in custom marketing reports. An eVar can be visit-based and function similarly to cookies.

What is pathing in Adobe Analytics?

**Traditional Pathing Analysis consists of viewing flow reports which show you how often site visitors go from Page A to Page B or Page C on your site. By simply having Omniture SiteCatalyst code on your site pages, you will be able to see several different pathing reports right out of the box.

What is difference between EVAR and Fevar?

EVAR is used in the lower section of the abdominal aorta, just above the point where the femoral arteries branch off. FEVAR is used in the upper abdominal aorta where the renal arteries branch off to the kidneys.

What is a fenestrated endograft?

In a fenestrated endovascular repair, surgeons create holes called fenestrations in the endograft to accommodate blood flow to the branch vessels of the kidneys, small bowel and liver. The surgeon customizes the holes in the endograft for each patient based on their individual anatomy.

How do I get rid of unspecified in Adobe Analytics?

Navigate to Favorites > Report Settings tol open the Report Settings interface. Deselect Show ‘None,’ ‘Unspecified’ and ‘Typed/Bookmarked’ data in report graphs. Click Save.

What can Adobe Analytics do?

Adobe Analytics is a Leader in The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics 2017 because we help you integrate data from virtually any channel, including web, mobile, video, IoT, app, social, and more. Then, you can analyze that data in real time to understand your customers on a whole new level.

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