What is Euro-scepticism?

What is Euro-scepticism?

Euroscepticism, also known as EU-scepticism, means criticism of the European Union (EU) and European integration. It ranges from those who oppose some EU institutions and policies and seek reform ( soft Euroscepticism ), to those who oppose EU membership outright and see the EU as unreformable…

Who are the leaders of the Eurosceptic parties in Europe?

From Left; Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian Lega Nord party, Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch PVV party, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Mihaly Orban, Marine Le Pen, leader of the French Front National. Illustration: Guardian Design/Getty/Shutterstock/Stingray/Rex/Reuters Support for Eurosceptic parties doubles in two decades across EU.

Is Lega a Eurosceptic party?

A party that retains a Eurosceptic identity is the League (Lega), a regionalist movement led by Matteo Salvini favouring Italy’s exit from the Eurozone and the re-introduction of the lira. When in government, Lega approved the Treaty of Lisbon.

Are Eurosceptic parties thriving or dying?

“Eurosceptic parties are very much thriving and it is unlikely that this is going to change anytime soon.”


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