What is ECCN 1a995?

What is ECCN 1a995?

New ECCN 1A995 includes a note that items for protection against chemical or biological agents that are consumer goods, packaged for retail sale or personal use and medical products are excluded from 1A995, and are EAR99.

How do I contact bis about ECCN 3d991?

As of February 1, 2017, such “software” will be classified and licensed by BIS under ECCN 3D991. Steven Clagett, Director, Nuclear and Missile Technology Controls Division, Office of Nonproliferation and Treaty Compliance, Bureau of Industry and Security, Telephone: (202) 482-1641.

What is the new ECCN under ear99?

However, such items remain subject to the EAR under the designation EAR99. This rule also creates four new ECCNs to maintain anti-terrorism (AT) controls on certain affected commodities and related “software” and “technology.”

What is ECCN 2e001 and 2e002?

In addition, ECCN 2E002 continues to control “technology” for the “production” of equipment controlled by ECCN 2A290 or 2A291. This ECCN 2E001 and 2E002 “technology” continues to require a license to destinations indicated under NP Column 2 and/or AT Column 1 on the Commerce Country Chart.

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