What is drainable EIFS?

What is drainable EIFS?

New “drainable EIFS” that have backup drainage to let water out if it leaks past the outer skin. The idea behind exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) is attractive: a continuous insulated skin that’s lightweight, versatile, and energy-efficient.

What are the 2 types of EIFS systems?

EIFS is available in two basic types: a barrier wall system or a wall drainage system.

Does EIFS need weep screed?

Moisture Drainage MD-EIFS PVC accessories are permitted but not required. Most systems have a weep screed (PVC starter track with weep holes), but not all systems.

How does EIFS drain?

Some EIFS contractors use special corrugated or wrinkled sheathing papers to create the drainage space, while others have vertical grooves cut into the back face of the foam insulation. In all cases, the drainage plane leads to a perforated weep flashing at the foundation to drain away any trapped water.

How long does EIFS last?

Dryvit EIFS are designed to last for the typical design life of a building. The actual longevity on any specific building will depend mainly on the building maintenance program. Some EIFS facades date back 50-60 years.

What is Dryvit EIFS construction?

The product called Dryvit is a type of synthetic stucco that is applied as a final coat to another stucco system, such as EIFS, to keep water from penetrating the other layers of the wall. Hence the usage of “dry.”

When did they stop using EIFS?

Future homeowners loved the look of the EIFS houses. The recession of 1990 was the only thing that slowed down the business as the EIFS industry’s sales dropped for the first time in 1991.

Is EIFS a vapor barrier?

When you install EIFS on the exterior wall, it acts as a vapor barrier on the cold side of that wall. When fiberglass-batt insulation is then installed in the wall cavity, condensation occurs inside the wall at the (substrate) sheathing when a contrast in temperature exists from inside to outside.

Does EIFS use wire mesh?

Aside from giving the stucco a surface to attach to, the wire mesh also permits water within the structure to drain. On the other hand, EIFS uses a baseboard that is installed in the desired location. In most cases, this board will be made of styrofoam.

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