What is document view architecture?

What is document view architecture?

The Document/View architecture is the foundation used to create applications based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes library. It allows you to make distinct the different parts that compose a computer program including what the user sees as part of your application and the document a user would work on.

What is MFC class hierarchy?

MFC class hierarchy tree is a visual representation of classes in parent child format. It gives us the idea of parent class from which it is derived. Also the child classes which are derived from this. CObject is the base class of most of the MFC classes.

What is handled by CDocument class in MFC application?

CDocument provides the UpdateAllViews member function for you to notify the views of such changes, so the views can repaint themselves as necessary. The framework also prompts the user to save a modified file before closing it.

Which view is helpful in managing the document structure?

Use web layout view to view the document as it would look like as a web page. In this view you can see the background, text is wrapped to fit the window, and images appear as they would online. Using outline view you can view the document as an outline and show the outlining tools.

What do you mean by document view?

The default, and most common, document view is the “Print Layout” view. This view lets you see the document as it appears when printed. This view shows margins, page breaks, and also header and footer information. However, you can switch between the different document views, as needed.

What is documenting View explain the steps involved in documenting interface?

Documenting an interface consists of naming and identifying it and documenting its syntactic and semantic information. The first two parts constitute an interface’s “signature.” When an interface’s resources are invokable programs, the signature names the programs and defines their parameters.

What is MFC in Visual Basic?

Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) is a C++ object-oriented library for developing desktop applications for Windows. MFC was introduced by Microsoft in 1992 and quickly gained widespread use.

What is the use of CCmdTarget?

CCmdTarget includes member functions that handle the display of an hourglass cursor. Display the hourglass cursor when you expect a command to take a noticeable time interval to execute. Dispatch maps, similar to message maps, are used to expose OLE automation IDispatch functionality.

What is serialization in MFC?

Serialization is the process of writing or reading an object to or from a persistent storage medium such as a disk file. Serialization is ideal for situations where it is desired to maintain the state of structured data (such as C++ classes or structures) during or after execution of a program.

What is the document view?

How many types of views are present on the document window?

Microsoft Word gives you five different views of a document, and each has its own advantages over the others. They are Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline and Draft and you can guess what purpose some of them serve just by their names…

What is the document/view architecture?

The document/view architecture separates the storage and maintenance of data from the display of data. This separation facilitates development of applications that display multiple views of a single set of data simultaneously.

What is the MFC document/view architecture?

The MFC document/view architecture makes it easy to support multiple views, multiple document types, splitter windows, and other valuable user-interface features. The parts of the MFC framework most visible both to the user and to you, the programmer, are the document and view.

What is the difference between a document and a Cview?

A document represents the unit of data that the user typically opens with the Open command on the File menu and saves with the Save command on the File menu. The CView (or one of its many derived classes) provides the basic functionality for programmer-defined view classes.

Is Dialog-based architecture right for Your Visual C++ application?

As a Visual C++ developer, you probably develop many applications that have a dialog-based architecture. While great for simple applications that do not require customized toolbars and menus, the dialog-based architecture does not meet the criteria for more complex applications that require elaborate user interfaces.


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