What is Dikir Barat in Malaysia?

What is Dikir Barat in Malaysia?

From Kelantan, dikir barat spread to other parts of Malaysia and Singapore.5 A dikir barat group typically comprises four main elements: the tok juara (leader), tukang karut (song initiator), a chorus of about 10 to 15 performers known as the awok-awok and a percussion ensemble.

When did dikir barat become so popular?

By the 1990s, dikir barat had become so popular that groups began recording their songs.

What is Dikir karut?

In Thailand, this musical genre is known as dikir karut to emphasise the presence of the tukang karut (song initiator). The word dikir is believed to have been derived from zikir, a form of religious singing and chanting. Dikir barat, however, is considered a form of secular entertainment.4

How many youths are there in the dikir barat marathon?

Dikir barat marathon draws 400 youths. (1997, August 12). The Straits Times, p. 34. Retrieved from NewspaperSG. 27. Chia, A. (2007, August 3).

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