What is CQL?

What is CQL?

CQL is dedicated to the definition, measurement, and improvement of personal quality of life. The vision of CQL is a world of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people. “CQL consistently challenges us to grow as an organization.”

When will CQL return to in-person services?

Starting January 2022, CQL will begin reintroducing in-person activities for our core services. We have developed protocols to help protect the health of organizational partners, their staff, people receiving services, and our own employees as we start traveling again.

What is your accreditation experience with CQL?

Your accreditation experience with CQL doesn’t begin and end with the on-site visit. CQL embraces a partnership with those that achieve CQL Accreditation throughout the entire term, offering support, guidance, resources, check-ins, and insight.

Does CQL provide programmatic-level accreditation?

CQL does not provide programmatic-level accreditation of specific services. CQL Accreditation encompasses an entire organization, as true transformation is predicated on change at all levels. Organizations can use data collected through CQL tools to inform their decision-making and assess the return on their investments.

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