What is Cisco FEX?

What is Cisco FEX?

What Is Cisco FEX? A Cisco FEX is a companion to a Nexus 5000 or Nexus 7000 switch. That’s to say, when being connected to them, FEX thus become a logical part of the parent switch. A Cisco FEX has no management interface and has no capability to store a forwarding table or run any control plane protocols.

How do I download Cisco Visio stencils?

1. To download stencils, go to http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/prod_cat_visios.html. 2. Select the stencils you want to use.

How many switches can be in a vPC domain?

The maximum number of switches in a vPC domain is two. The maximum number of vPC peers per switch or VDC is one. When Static routing from a device to vPC peer switches with next hop, FHRP virtual IP is supported. Dynamic routing adjacency from vPC peer switches to any Layer3 device connected on a vPC is not supported.

Does Nexus 7k support vPC?

A virtual port channel (vPC) allows links that are physically connected to two different Cisco Nexus 7000 Series devices to appear as a single port channel by a third device.

How do I check my Fex interface status?

You can see that many legacy commands have simply been extended with the fex argument to view information regarding a specific FEX.

  1. show interface fex-intf.
  2. show interface fex-fabric.
  3. show module fex all |
  4. show inventory fex all |
  5. show environment fex all |

What is Cisco fabric?

Cisco Unified Fabric, consisting of the Cisco Nexus® Family, Cisco MDS 9000 Family, and Layer 4 through 7 services, provides a flexible and comprehensive data center networking solution that delivers intelligent and high-performing network services to servers, storage, and applications.

How do I view Visio stencils?

Open a Visio drawing. On the File menu, point to Shapes, and then click Show Document Stencil.

How do I create a Visio stencil?

Create a new custom stencil

  1. In the Shapes window, click More Shapes, and then click New Stencil.
  2. In the Shapes window, right-click the title bar of the new stencil, and then click Save As.
  3. Type a name for your stencil, and then click Save. By default, custom stencils are saved in your My Shapes folder.

What happens if vPC peer-link goes down?

vPC peer-link failure If peer-link fails, then all the member ports from vPC secondary node will be suspended. Here important to note, keep-alive is active in this scenario, which allowing nodes to exchange heartbeat.

What is the difference between port channel and vPC?

vPC (Virtual Port-Channel), also known as multichassis EtherChannel (MEC) is a feature on the Cisco Nexus switches that provides the ability to configure a Port-Channel across multiple switches (i.e. vPC peers). vPC is similar to Virtual Switch System (VSS) on the Catalyst 6500s.

What happens if vPC peer-link fails?

What is vPC loop avoidance rule?

vPC loop avoidance rule states that traffic coming from vPC member port, then crossing vPC peer-link is NOT. allowed to egress any vPC member port; however it can egress any other type of port (L3 port, orphan port.). The only exception to this rule occurs when vPC member port goes down.

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