What is bounce patrol real name?

What is bounce patrol real name?

Created and directed by showrunner Shannon Jones, Bounce Patrol has grown to become the largest YouTube channel in Australia, with the most subscribers of any Aussie YouTube channel, and attracting hundreds of millions of views every month.

Is Baby Shark a nursery rhyme?

After all, it’s not like “Baby Shark” started with Pinkfong. Anecdotally, the song has been around for at least 15 years and has floated about in the folkloric way most nursery rhymes do – with slightly different endings and slightly different origins.

How did bounce patrol start?

The brainchild of musical theatre enthusiast and entrepreneur Shannon Jones, Bounce Patrol was formed in 2012 when she saw a gap in the market for educational music that was catchy and modern, performed by real people instead of animation.

Where is bounce patrol from?

Melbourne, Australia
Bounce Patrol are children’s entertainers from Melbourne, Australia.

What is Rachel from bounce patrol last name?

Rachel Leigh Blakely
Rachel Leigh Blakely was born on 28 July 1968 in Borneo, Malaysia. Her father, Harold Blakely, is an American, and her mother was Australian.

Is Pinkfong a boy or a girl?


Pinkfong 핑크퐁
Gender Male
Species Fox
Eye Color Magenta
Body Color Pink

Does Pinkfong own Baby Shark?

“Baby Shark” was greatly popularized by a version of the song produced by Pinkfong, an education brand owned by South Korean entertainment company SmartStudy. The original music video for “Baby Shark” (Korean: 상어 가족; RR: Sang-eo Gajok; lit….Year-end charts.

Chart (2019) Position
US Billboard Hot 100 75

How old is Alyssa Reid?

29 years (March 15, 1993)Alyssa Reid / Age

Does bounce patrol still make videos?

We make songs and videos to get kids up & bouncing!

What is Mommy sharks name?

Ellie is the Mommy Shark.

Who created Baby Shark?

‘Baby shark Dance’, created by South Korean Company Pinkfong, has hit a milestone by becoming the first YouTube video to get 10 billion views.

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