What is BDS and MediaBase?

What is BDS and MediaBase?

BDS is used to make all the Billboard airplay charts. MediaBase is used to make many of the charts in Radio & Records (except for the specialty and “indicator” charts, which are still done manually.)

What are BDS numbers?

Broadcast Data Systems (BDS, also known as Nielsen BDS), is a service that tracks monitored radio, television and internet airplay of songs based on the number of spins and detections.

What is Billboard indicator chart?

The Billboard charts tabulate the relative weekly popularity of songs and albums in the United States and elsewhere. The results are published in Billboard magazine. Billboard biz, the online extension of the Billboard charts, provides additional weekly charts, as well as year-end charts.

How do I register my song with BDS?

To register with Nielsen BDS, you must submit your music for encoding by mailing your media and contact information to our encoding department or by submitting it electronically through our secure Virtual Encode web-site.

How does mediabase work?

Mediabase publishes music charts and data based on the most played songs on terrestrial and satellite radio, and provides in-depth analytical tools for radio and record industry professionals. Mediabase charts and airplay data are used on many popular radio countdown shows and televised music awards programs.

What is BDS illness?

Individuals with bodily distress syndrome (hereafter BDS) experience daily bothersome physical symptoms. Typical symptoms are headache, pains in the back, muscles or joints, stomach trouble, breathlessness, excessive fatigue and many more.

What is BDS Jersey Shore?

“BDS” on ‘Jersey Shore’ means “Big Daddy Sitch.” That’s Sitch as in Situation (aka Mike Sorrentino). The nickname stems from the TV personality’s weight gain during his addiction to oxycodone, which started while he was still appearing on the original Jersey Shore.

How is Billboard calculated?

The Hot 100 is ranked by radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen BDS, sales data compiled by Nielsen Soundscan (both at retail and digitally) and streaming activity provided by online music sources. There are several component charts that contribute to the overall calculation of the Hot 100.

Where is Billboard located?

Billboard (magazine)

November 16, 2019 cover featuring Paul McCartney and highlighting the magazine’s 125th anniversary
Year founded November 1, 1894 (as Billboard Advertising)
Company Eldridge Industries
Country United States
Based in New York City

Is mediabase free?

A: Mediabase is available on a subscription basis.

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