What is another word for stemming?

What is another word for stemming?

What is another word for stemming?

arising deriving
issuing originating
proceeding rising
springing coming from
resulting emerging

What is another word for similar but different?

The synonyms analogous and similar are sometimes interchangeable, but analogous applies to things belonging in essentially different categories but nevertheless having many similarities.

What is the opposite word of love?


What is the opposite word of coming?

The opposite of coming is going.

What does fear is the heart of love mean?

Fear is the heart constricting and restricting love. Love that which you fear and love will travel unobstructed through your body. This message has been worded differently but it’s meaning is the same. Love your enemy. People read things like this and reject it because they’re afraid.

What is the absence of love?

Hatred is merely the absence of love. It is the empty space where love is not present, but has no reality of it’s own. Hatred is the absence of that energy. When light enters a room, darkness does not dissolve. It doesn’t leave the room and go someplace else, because darkness is not something.

What do you call a word that has the same or similar meaning of another word?


What is the opposite word of laugh?

laugh, laughter(noun) the sound of laughing. Antonyms: weep, cry.

Is the opposite of love fear?

What is the opposite of love? Paulo Freire, a Brazilian expert on education says: “The opposite of love is not, as we many times or almost always think, hatred, but the fear to love, and fear to love is the fear of being free.” Love softens you, fear hardens you. Love opens the universe, fear isolates you in yourself.

What is another word for similar?

What is another word for similar?

alike comparable
interchangeable much the same
near on par
same synonymous
the same conformable

What is the antonym of handsome?

handsome. Antonyms: uncomely, ill-looking, ungenerous, illiberal, unhandsome. Synonyms: comely, good-looking, generous, liberal, beautiful, ample, pretty, graceful, lovely, elegant.

Which is a stronger emotion love or jealousy?

Love is positive emotion while jealousy is negative. Love create life, friendship, good relationships and a happy life. Jealousy is a destroyer. Jealously and Love are both feelings and not emotions as to which one is stronger than the other that depends on the person that is feeling the love or the jealousy.

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