What is another word for appeal to?

What is another word for appeal to?

What is another word for appeal to?

petition ask
implore request
urge adjure
appeal importune
plead supplicate

What does it mean when something is appealing to you?

If something appeals to you, you find it attractive or interesting. On the other hand, the idea appealed to him. 4. countable noun. An appeal is a serious and urgent request.

What is it called when you appeal to someone?

to attract, please, or interest. The idea appealed to him. Synonyms. attract.

What is the synonym of Augment?

Some common synonyms of augment are enlarge, increase, and multiply. While all these words mean “to make or become greater,” augment implies addition to what is already well grown or well developed.

What is another word for visually appealing?

What is another word for aesthetically pleasing?

beautiful alluring
pulchritudinous sexy
sublime aesthetically appealing
beauteous bewitching
dazzling divine

What does it mean to appeal a decision?

An appeal is when someone who loses a case in a trial court asks a higher court (the appellate court) to review the trial court’s decision.

What do you mean by word unlined?

not lined
Definition of unlined : not lined: such as. a : not marked with lines unlined paper a smooth, unlined face. b : not having a lining or liner an unlined coat unlined fish ponds.

What is the synonym of confide?

Some common synonyms of confide are commit, consign, entrust, and relegate. While all these words mean “to assign to a person or place for a definite purpose,” confide implies entrusting with great assurance or reliance. confided complete control of my affairs to my attorney.

What is the synonyms of affluence?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for affluence, like: fortune, wealth, riches, pelf, treasure, rich, owned, richness, defluxion, downflow and fleshpots.

What is a word for pleasing to the eye?

Synonyms: attractive. pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm. beautiful. delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration. humorous, humourous.

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