What is another way to say differentiate?

What is another way to say differentiate?

What is another word for differentiate?

distinguish discriminate
notice observe
see sight
spot tell
discern a difference draw a distinction

What does it mean by differentiated?

intransitive verb. 1 : to recognize or give expression to a difference difficult to differentiate between the two. 2 : to become distinct or different in character. 3 biology : to undergo differentiation (see differentiation sense 3b) when the cells begin to differentiate.

Is there a word differentiated?

verb (used with object), dif·fer·en·ti·at·ed, dif·fer·en·ti·at·ing. to form or mark differently from other such things; distinguish. to change; alter. to perceive the difference in or between.

What can be differentiated in a lesson?

Examples of differentiating content at the elementary level include the following:

  • Using reading materials at varying readability levels;
  • Putting text materials on tape;
  • Using spelling or vocabulary lists at readiness levels of students;
  • Presenting ideas through both auditory and visual means;
  • Using reading buddies; and.

Is differentiate the same as derivative?

To differentiate something means to take the derivative. Taking the derivative of a function is the same as finding the slope at any point, so differentiating is just finding the slope.

How do you use differentiate?

Differentiate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The cashier told me a sticker would differentiate the regular cheeseburger from the cheeseburger without pickles.
  2. Although the newer model of the car costs more, I cannot see any features that differentiate it from last year’s model.

What’s an example of differentiate?

To differentiate is defined as to separate out two or more things, or to look at and understand what makes things different or distinctive. An example of differentiate is when you can look at a good painting and a bad painting and know the difference. To constitute the distinction between.

What is the adjective of word differentiate?

differentiative. That differentiates, or causes differentiation.

What can teachers differentiate?

You can differentiate instruction across four main areas: content, process, product, and environment. To differentiate content, teachers consider the objective of a lesson, then provide students with flexible options about the content they study to meet the objective, from subject or topic to approach or presentation.

How do you differentiate a classroom process?

One way to differentiate process for heterogeneous classrooms is to design tiered lessons. When teachers tier a lesson, they design instructional tasks that are challenging for students at different levels of readiness: low, middle, and high levels.

What is the difference between Derivability and differentiability?

Differentiability refers to the existence of a derivative while differentiation is the process of taking the derivative. So we can say that differentiation of any function can only be done if it is differentiable.

What is a good sentence for differentiate?

Differentiate sentence example. Staining reagents can also be used to differentiate lignified cell-walls. It is hardly possible to differentiate between imported and indigenous plants. Thus the first months of the war served to differentiate the two belligerents.

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