What is another name for chat room?

What is another name for chat room?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for chat room, like: channel, cyberharassment, internet, cyberstalkers and cyberstalking, chatroom, chatrooms, bulletin board and chat-rooms.

What is the full meaning of chat rooms?

A chat room is a Web site, part of a Web site, or part of an online service such as America Online, that provides a venue for communities of users with a common interest to communicate in real time.

Is chat room one word or two?

The term chat room, or chatroom, is primarily used to describe any form of synchronous conferencing, occasionally even asynchronous conferencing. Merriam-Webster lists chat room as the main term, with chatroom as a variant.

What should I name my group chat?

Best Group-Chat Names For Friends

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • Spice Girls.
  • Charlie’s Angels.
  • 7 Rings.
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
  • Core Four.
  • Squad Goals.
  • The Heathers.

What is the other word for informal communication?

What is another word for informal talk?

fireside chat chat
convo gossip
informal conversation talk
catch up conversation
heart-to-heart natter

What are the types of chat room?

There are several types of chat room variations online today. They include Java, Flash, Mirc, and shout boxes. By far the most common and popular chat script is based on java. Java is freely available and comes with virtually every computer sold today.

What is the meaning of e mail?

electronic mail
e-mail, in full electronic mail, messages transmitted and received by digital computers through a network. An e-mail system allows computer users on a network to send text, graphics, sounds, and animated images to other users.

What does goat mean on Instagram?

greatest of all time
Acronym for “greatest of all time.” GOATS include icons like CSU’s President Tony Frank, CSU Alum and Astronaut, Kjell Lindgren.

What is the best free chat room?

ChatAvenue. ChatAvenue is one of the cleaner options for chat sites on this list.

  • Jerkmate. Jerkmate is a free sex chat site that claims you’ll never have to masturbate alone again.
  • Chaturbate.
  • ChatRandom.
  • AdultFriendFinder.
  • Omegle.
  • iSexyChat.
  • Is there a free chat room?

    VIRGIL VAN DIJK headed into the Shrewsbury dressing room to chat with the players who gave Liverpool an FA It’s a very good experience for our players today to experience that. FREE BETS: GET OVER £2,000 IN NEW CUSTOMER DEALS “You can’t go

    What does “Lol” mean in a chat room?

    – ROFL means Rolling on floor laughing. – STFU means Shut the *freak* up. – LMK means Let me know. – ILY means I love you. – YOLO means You only live once. – SMH means Shaking my head. – LMFAO means Laughing my freaking *a* off. – NVM means Never mind. – IKR means I know, right. – OFC means Of course.

    How do I Change my Name in a chat room?

    Go to the chat in which you want to change your nickname.

  • Click the chat name at the top of the screen.
  • Click Settings .
  • Click Edit your profile.
  • Enter your new name in the Nickname field.
  • Click the check mark .
  • Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel.

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