What is an example of a hasty decision?

What is an example of a hasty decision?

Seeing the dog, the cat made a hasty retreat up a tree. We don’t want to make any hasty decisions. He later realized that he was too hasty in his decision to quit.

What do you call a person who makes hasty decisions?

impulsive Add to list Share. If someone is impulsive, it means that they act on instinct, without thinking decisions through. If you worked for an entire year to save money for a car and then suddenly decided to spend it all on a diamond tiara instead, that would be an impulsive purchase.

What’s another word for hasty decision?

Frequently Asked Questions About hasty Some common synonyms of hasty are expeditious, fast, fleet, quick, rapid, speedy, and swift. While all these words mean “moving, proceeding, or acting with celerity,” hasty suggests hurry and precipitousness and often connotes carelessness.

What does hastily definition mean?

: in haste : hurriedly.

What do you mean by amends?

1 : to put right especially : to make emendations in (something, such as a text) amended the manuscript. 2a : to change or modify (something) for the better : improve amend the situation. b : to alter especially in phraseology especially : to alter formally by modification, deletion, or addition amend a constitution.

What is the meaning of Masty?

: abounding in or fattened on mast. masty. noun.

Is Hasty a negative word?

Note that hasty, unlike fast, has negative connotations. If someone accuses you of having completed an assignment in a hasty fashion, it means your work appears careless.

What is impulsive example?

The definition of impulsive is to act or speak forcefully or quickly without planning. Someone quitting their job when they are upset is an example of an action that is impulsive. adjective.

What are synonyms for hasty?

synonyms for hasty

  • abrupt.
  • careless.
  • expeditious.
  • hurried.
  • ill-advised.
  • impulsive.
  • quick.
  • rapid.

What part of speech is hasty?

Hastily is an adverb – Word Type.

What is the difference between amend and Emend?

Emend refers to changes and improvements made to a text. Amend also can refer to making minor changes to a text, but it can be used to describe improvements made to other things as well — for example, you can amend a situation. In contrast, emend’s powers are limited to words.

What is the difference between apologizing and making amends?

Think of amends as actions taken that demonstrate your new way of life in recovery, whereas apologies are basically words. When you make amends, you acknowledge and align your values to your actions by admitting wrongdoing and then living by your principles.

What is a hasty decision called?

Done or made without due consideration or attention; precipitate or cursory: a hasty decision; a hasty conclusion. See Synonyms at impetuous. b. Done or made rapidly due to pressing circumstances: beat a hasty retreat; bid a hasty goodbye. 2. a.

What is the meaning of hasty?

2 adj A hasty event or action is one that is completed more quickly than normal. After the hasty meal, the men had moved forward to take up their positions. He said good night hastily, promising that he would phone Hans in the morning… A number of the United States’ allies had urged him not to take a hasty decision.

What is a good sentence for hasty?

I made a hasty sketch of the scene. Seeing the dog, the cat made a hasty retreat up a tree. We don’t want to make any hasty decisions. He later realized that he was too hasty in his decision to quit. Recent Examples on the Web That meager protection had been a hasty response to another mauling by the same tiger.

What is a hasty generalization?

A hasty generalization involves jumping to broad conclusions by judging something too quickly. Hasty can also mean brief or moving with or done with speed, as in a hasty visit.

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