What is a Y6b?

What is a Y6b?

Y6b at the head of a N&W freight train. The Y6b was known as the “workhorse” of the Norfolk & Western Railway and is arguably the ultimate evolution of the Mallet (Malley) type . The Mallet style of articulated locomotive reused the exhaust steam from the rear cylinders to power the front cylinders.

What is Y6b class locomotive 2190?

Locomotive 2190 is a shining example of the N&W’s Y6b class. The Norfolk & Western, often referred to as “The Last Great Steam Railroad in America” was famous for manufacturing its own steam locomotives in their Roanoke Shops, and advancing steam technology and steam railroading to a level no other North American railroad had .

What is a Y6 class train?

Starting with locomotive no. 2120 in 1936, the Y6 class would become the final refinement of the N&W’s 2-8-8-2 design.

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