What is a truck tool box?

What is a truck tool box?

These boxes run the length of the bed, allowing you to access the contents of the box without getting in the bed of your truck. Some truck tool boxes include support legs for greater stability.

What type of truck boxes work with tonneau covers?

RealTruck.com carries a wide number of truck too boxes in styles that include wheel well, single lid-lift up, gull wing, utility chest, and tool boxes that work with tonneau covers. The array of options allows you to determine the best way to access cargo in your truck bed.

What are underbody tool boxes?

Underbody tool boxes are mounted underneath the truck. You typically see these used on flatbed trucks that need to utilize all the interior cargo space. Whether you’re on the jobsite or at home, a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, find the right truck tool box at The Home Depot.

Should you install a locking Toolbox in Your Truck?

Installing a locking toolbox will help prevent your tools from “growing legs” while your parked. The best truck tool boxes can essentially pay for themselves just by preventing one opportunistic would-be thief. Choosing the right toolbox will take some research and a couple of those handy tools to get things installed.

Does the toolbox have built-in handles?

Secondly, the toolbox does not comes with built-in handles, you may want to find a way to mount the box so it’s easily accessible at the jobsite. That said, however, you mount it, the lockable case makes it harder for people to get into the box.

How much does a Husky truck tool box cost?

Husky46.8 in. x 15.7 in. x 13.3 in. Matte Black Aluminum Low Side Truck Box Model# 102300-53-01 (30) $25900 Weather Guard71.38 in. Diamond Plate Aluminum Full Size Crossbed Truck Tool Box Model# 302105-9-01 (159) $49900 Best Seller Husky40.8 Matte Black Aluminum Full Size Chest Truck Tool Box Shop this Collection Model# 102400-53-01 (70) $30900

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