What is a touch latch?

What is a touch latch?

Description. MLC-100 Series touch latch is a new generation of non-magnetic touch latches with a long stroke and self-adjusting strike. The strike plate automatically adjusts to meet the latch for smooth opening and closing.

How do you install touch latch?

1. Place the touch latch on the cabinet floor or shelf away from the door hinges, with the latch extending beyond the edge of the floor or shelf. Close the door gently, pushing the touch latch inward. Open the door and, where the touch latch rests outline the elongated mounting holes with a sharp pencil.

Can drawers be touch latch?

Our touch opening solution for effortless opening of doors and drawers without handles is designed to be used with standard hinges and drawers. It allows for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

How does a push latch mechanism work?

The push-to-open mechanism found in dedicated cabinet latches and cabinet bumpers makes using furniture much easier. All it takes is a gentle press on the cabinet front for the door to open. In most cases, the front is closed either in the same way – with a push button or by means of magnets.

Can you have soft close and push to open?

Yes! Thanks to these hinges, the door closes softly or can be pushed open. You choose, they can do both.

What is a hush latch?

A hush latch is a modified striking plate, recessed into the door frame for use with a standard mortice latch or lock. It is designed to minimise the resistance standard latch bolts often encounter when they make contact with a traditional strike plate.

Are Handleless kitchens good?

If you’re after a contemporary look to your kitchen, then handleless is a good option. The sleek lines are elegant and minimalist, giving you a modern feel to your kitchen. On the other hand, if a traditional Shaker style or rustic feel is more up your street, then handles will work well with that look.

How do Handleless drawers work?

Unlike a J-pull, a true handleless kitchen cabinet has no built-in ‘handle’. Instead, there is a rail behind the door or drawer which creates space for fingers to grip and pull open the furnishing. These units can be opened from either the top or the side.

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