What is a Sehlat?

What is a Sehlat?

A sehlat was a type of animal native to. Vulcan. and appeared as a large bear-like creature. They were noted for their six-inch fangs and fur that covered their bodies.

What was spock’s pet’s name?

pet sehlat
Spock had a pet sehlat, which died during his childhood (in 2237, or 8877 on the Vulcan calendar) after sustaining mortal injuries from the poisonous bite of a mountain lion-like desert predator known as a le-matya.

What animal is a Vulcan?

Vulcans (sometimes Vulcanians) are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek universe and media franchise. In the various Star Trek television series and movies, they are noted for their attempt to live by logic and reason with as little interference from emotion as possible.

What is a spock animal?

As a child, Spock had a pet sehlat—a cuddly Vulcan bear-like animal with claws and fangs. His older half-brother, Sybok, who was ostracized from Vulcan because he rejected the way of pure logic, was killed in 2292 after battling an alien entity at the galaxy’s center that claimed to be ‘God. ‘

What is a Klingon Targ?

Targs were comparable in form to Terran boars but with spikes on their backs. They were usually dark brown, although some were spotted. Targs were generally regarded as “vicious and destructive” animals. Klingons kept domesticated targs as pets and livestock, and hunted wild targs for sport.

Does Spock have a cat?

This career journalist loves painting, sculpting, photographing, and getting on stage. He once was called “a high-powered mutant,” which also describes his cat, Thomas.

Did Spock have a cat?

He once was called “a high-powered mutant,” which also describes his cat, Thomas.

What is a Tribble dog?

TRIBBLES (originally Tribleustes ventricosus) are small, non-intelligent lifeforms originating from Iota Geminorum IV. These round, furry creatures emit cooing sounds while touched, having a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system.

How did humans meet Vulcans?

1957: Vulcans make unofficial first contact with Humans when a Vulcan survey ship, which had been investigating the launch of Sputnik I, crash-lands on Earth.

Why are Vulcans so strong?

Vulcans are strong partly owing to the surface gravity of their homeword, but the Romulans left that homeworld two millenniums ago. If Romulus possessed a one gee surface gravity, the multiple Romulan generations would have adapted to it over time.

What is Spock’s race?


Species Half-Vulcan (paternal) Half-human (maternal)
Title Ensign Lieutenant Lieutenant commander Commander Captain Ambassador
Position USS Enterprise Second officer/Science officer Executive officer/Science officer commanding officer USS Enterprise-A Executive officer/Science officer Federation Ambassador-at-Large

What Colour is Spock’s blood?

green blood
Spock famously had green blood, allegedly because the Vulcan oxygen-containing pigment is, like that of the octopus, copper-based.

What is a sehlat?

A large, bear-like animal native to Vulcan, sehlat s typically possess six-inch fangs. Although sehlat s can be ferocious in the wild, Vulcan families frequently domesticate them as pets.

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