What is a nwsg stand?

What is a nwsg stand?

Haying nwsg stands for wildlife: Haying a nwsg stand will keep the field in an early successional stage, but has less benefit for wildlife than burning or disking.

Can You Hay a newly planted nwsg stand?

Do not graze or hay the emerging stand during the establishment year while the seedlings are developing root mass. If the nwsg stand is being used for haying or grazing wait until after mid-June a year after planting to avoid the peak periods of nesting and fawning.

When to plant nwsg in Virginia?

Planting Dates: Nwsg are planted from mid March through mid May in Virginia, and work has shown that earlier planting is better. However, Nwsg can be planted later into summer if enough moisture is available. The later the planting the more you run the risk of drought having a negative impact.

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