What is a Garbage Plate in New York?

What is a Garbage Plate in New York?

At Nick Tahou’s, the traditional Garbage Plate consists of two sides (usually home fries and macaroni salad, with options of baked beans or French fries) and a protein – either two burgers or hot dogs (white hots or red hots – more local food that confuses anyone outside of western New York).

Why is it called a Garbage Plate?

In Rochester’s late 19th-century industrial heyday, the Garbage Plate was born out of necessity to a Greek immigrant, Alexander Tahou, who founded the restaurant in 1918 as West Main Texas Hots, naming it for one of the two main ingredients: “hots” and potatoes.

What all is in a Garbage Plate?

A Garbage Plate is a loaded dish of crispy home fries, hot sauce, macaroni salad and cheeseburgers topped with raw onions, condiments and slices of white bread. Sometimes you’ll see it with hot dogs (red hots) or even white veal hot dogs (white hots).

How much is a Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate?

$975,000 is the asking price, and that includes the license for the restaurant name. Nick Tahou’s has been open since the 1960s and the originator of the garbage plate. Tahou says there’s a combination of factors going into this decision, including pandemic restrictions.

Who invented garbage plates?

Alexander Tahou
The Garbage Plate was created at Nick Tahou Hots’ fast-food restaurant more than fifty years ago. In 1918, Alexander Tahou opened a restaurant in Rochester called Hots and Potatoes.

How do you eat a Garbage Plate?

After the starchy foundation is formed, it’s topped with either grilled red hots, cheeseburgers, eggs, fish, or whatever else the restaurant you happen to be at offers. Then, finally, the plate is topped with the meat sauce, onions, and bright yellow mustard.

What food is Rochester New York known for?

Rochester’s food scene has a strong history that ties back to ground rounds (burgers) and hots (hot dogs) and that date back to the 1940s with restaurants along the shores of Lake Ontario. With a nod to our gastro roots, many modern restaurateurs have elevated the standard burger or hot dog with gourmet options.

Who invented Garbage Plate?

Did Rochester have slaves?

According to local historians, “The founder of our city, Colonel National Rochester brought his slaves with him when he moved here from Maryland. Although he freed them, some stayed as domestic employees,” and Rochester’s ownership of slaves during this period of his life is well-documented and undisputed.”

Where is the Underground Railroad?

There were many well-used routes stretching west through Ohio to Indiana and Iowa. Others headed north through Pennsylvania and into New England or through Detroit on their way to Canada.

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What is the history of the Garbage Plate?

The garbage plate is an example of American extreme cuisine. It was born in Rochester, New York, at Nick Tahou Hots, a landmark restaurant famous for this classic regional specialty. The earliest version goes all the way back to 1918 when it was originally called “Hots and Potatoes.”

Where can I find a Garbage Plate in Rochester?

The garbage plate is traditional fare in the city of Rochester, NY. It originated at the restaurant Nick Tahou Hots and, since they hold the copyright to the name “garbage plate,” it’s the only place you can order one by that name. Look for trash plates, dumpster plates, and other takes on the dish elsewhere. The giant,…

What is the Garbage Plate at subway?

The Garbage Plate is a mix of hot meat sauce (Nick Tahou’s has its own signature version), plus cold macaroni salad, home fries, hot dogs, burgers (add cheese if you like) and a generous drizzle of yellow mustard. It’s noted as a late-night specialty, popular with people getting out of bars after a night drinking.

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