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What impressed Lyddie about the lady in the silk dress?

Lyddie is impressed with the factory girl in Lyddie. She is very impressed by the girl because she happens to be wearing a pink silk dress, which attracts her attention.

Why does Lyddie not complain about the speed up?

Why did Lyddie not complain about the speed-up? a. More than anything, she wanted to earn enough money to reunite her family and get the farm back. She wanted to earn more money, and the corporation raised wages when it sped up the machinery.

What is the plot of Chapter 14 in Lyddie?

In Chapter 14, Lyddie returns to work before she is fully recovered from being hit by the shuttle. At work, to her chagrin, Lyddie is given a new girl to train, an “Irish papist” named Brigid. The girl is inept, and Lyddie finds it hard to be patient with her because her own piecework is compromised.

What is the setting in Chapter 13 of Lyddie?

The general setting for Lyddie by Katherine Paterson is a nineteenth-century factory in Vermont, and that mill is the primary setting for chapter thirteen of the novel.

When Lyddie’s mother decides to go to her sister’s farm What do Lyddie and Charlie do?

1. When Lyddie’s mother decides to go to her sister’s farm Lyddie and Charlie decide to stay at their farm alone. This shows that the siblings are close to each other and that they do not trust their mother’s decisions. Lyddie and Charlie’s father is not around.

Why did Lyddie sign Diana’s petition?

He is paying her back her loan. Lyddie now no longer needs the job so badly. She decides to sign the petition, to help Diana. Unfortunately, when she shows up at the meeting she learns that the petition has already been submitted and failed.

What did the pink silk lady tell Lyddie?

What did the “pink silk lady” tell Lyddie? Lyddie was a good worker and would do well working in a mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. She could clear $2.00 a week and be independent.

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